How to write vertically in Word

How to write vertically in Word

We continue to see interesting and little-known functions of Microsoft Word, the word processor par excellence that offers us a multitude of possibilities. This time we will see how we can write vertical text in Word , something that can be very useful.

Many users are surprised by the large number of functions hidden in the Word menu. The function that concerns us today, writing vertical texts, can be very useful to create different types of layouts such as posters or posters .

How to write vertically in Word step by step

Next, we explain the steps you must take to write text vertically in the Microsoft Word word processor.

The first step is to open the document in which we want to insert a vertical text. Of course, it can also be an empty file that we start writing to from scratch. Once inside the document, we place the pointer in the area where we want to put the text. Then we enter the tab " Insert " from the top menu, and click on " Text box " and " Vertical text box ".

vertical text in Word 2

This will open a text box in which you can write vertically. You can drag this text box to any part of the document, and you can modify its dimensions and rotation to your liking.

If the vertical text box option does not appear, you can put a custom text box and then change the direction of the text from the " Text direction " option that will appear at the top (the rotating arrow).

vertical text in Word 4

This last option will be the most comfortable for many users, because we will write the text in a normal way and then we will rotate it until it is in the vertical position that interests us.

That is how simple it is to write texts vertically in the Microsoft Word word processor. Without a doubt, a very interesting option that many users will appreciate. Word continues to surprise , and will continue to do so with many other tricks that we will reveal to you in the coming weeks.

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