Wallapop, Vibbo and Milanuncios, where to buy or sell second hand?

Wallapop, Vibbo and Milanuncios, where to buy or sell second hand?

The apps for buying and selling products continue to enjoy very good health. Nowadays it is very common to go into one of them to get rid of used products when there are financial difficulties or in view of a nearby move . But which of them works best? Which one is more recommendable? We have decided to test the three most used, Wallapop, Vibbo and Milanuncios, to compare all their characteristics.

wallapop logo


Wallapop is the most popular of these initiatives, thanks to a large advertising campaign. You have established a location-based system that has then been copied by other apps . We sign up, the system recognizes the postal code from which we are operating, and our file links it. If we change our residence, the postal code of our file will not change, we will have to do it by hand. Let's now see the purchase, sale and contact options.

wallapop selling


When it comes to selling, Wallapop gives us the option to select the type of product we want to sell and we can upload up to four photos of that product . In addition, it allows us to add a description, the price and specify if we negotiate a price, if we make shipments or if we accept exchanges. With everything we sell, we will create a personal page that anyone can go to to consult.

Once the product is uploaded (it is automatic), we are given the option to highlight it to reach more people. Do it costs 1 euro for 24 hours or 3 euros for 3 days . By hiring it, Wallapop is committed to making the advertisement more visible during that time, and especially in areas close to ours.

wallapop buy


When we enter the app, we see a random selection of products with a single point in common: they are in our zip code or nearby . As we scroll down the application, it informs us of how far we are moving away. This tool is very useful, since if we want to make a quick purchase or exchange, we are interested in having it happen in our area.

We can also use the Wallapop search engine. It is very comprehensive, since we can select the type of product you are looking for (clothing, video games, movies, electronics), the range of price and proximity . With that selection made, the operation will be the same, and the scroll will inform us as we move away.

When we find a product that we like, we mark it, and that will lead us to the specific ad. In this we can see the four photos, the description and if there is any extra marked. We can also mark it as a favorite to consult it in the future, share it on networks or even report it if we consider it abusive or illegal. Finally, we have the option of opening a chat to be able to contact the seller directly .


No telephones or emails appear in the ads, so the only way to contact the advertiser is by writing a message via chat. These messages do not always generate notifications nor do they include informative emails to the seller , so we must be aware if we are interested in having a conversation with a user. Of course, once in the chat you can exchange phone numbers in case you want to make communication more agile.



Wallapop offers its own payment system, called Wallapay. With this system, buyers can include their credit card and leave the payment done instantly . On the other hand, sellers can include their bank account and thus ensure that they receive the stipulated money. Wallapop is committed to sending money in 24/48 hours.

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The well-known website Segundamano.es underwent a renaissance when it became a mobile app, with a much more modern name: Vibbo. The operation is quite similar to that of Wallapop , based on the location in which we are, although in Vibbo some elements of Wallapop are corrected, for the better.


If we want to sell a product, Vibbo offers us a slightly simpler and more open system than Wallapop. It allows us to upload up to 10 photos and simply asks us to give it a title, description and price . Once uploaded, the ad has to be approved. Even so, the process takes just a couple of minutes, and the upload is confirmed by email. The same happens if we do any editing in the text or photos of the ad.

In Vibbo there is no possibility of paying to reach more people , the free service already includes publishing the ad in all nearby networks and in all searches for the product.

vibbo selling


When buying, the system is very similar to Wallapop, although it is spun finer and the first results start 500 meters away , not one kilometer as in the other case. Through the hearts system, we can choose our favorite articles from the main menu, without having to enter the ad.

If we want to find a specific product, we have a fairly simple search engine where we can choose whether we want to filter by map or not, and in which category . The search engine is fast and once again it differentiates the articles according to the distance they are from us.

vibbo buying


Vibbo has a messaging system that works quite well, and although it does not generate notifications in the app, it does send automatic emails with each message . This means that we can be connected with our products without having to check the application all the time. It is especially useful if they are products that have been uploaded in the app for a while, waiting for the buyer.

In the messages it is not allowed to write email addresses, but phone numbers , so you can take the deal to another level from WhatsApp or Telegram.

new logo milanuncios


Finally, we are going to see Milanuncios. It is usually advertised as a web, since it is a platform with a lot of experience, but even so, it has adapted to the app world and offers its own. It does not have a particularly attractive design, nor is it adapted to mobile phones . It is, in fact, practically the same as the classic web interface.

In this app, location is not taken into account , since it is a very general purchase search engine, including everything from electronic items to fashion, through jobs and services.


In Milanuncios, we have to create a specific account, we cannot identify ourselves with our Google account or Facebook . Once the account is made, we can put as many ads as we want. We must specify the category and then the location. We can use the location of the mobile to fill in this field, but it is not essential, we can put the location we want.

The next thing is to add a title, a description and a maximum of 6 photos. We have to specify if we are private or professional sellers. In addition, we can add up to two phone numbers and specify what time they can contact us.

Once published, the ad can be edited as much as we want from the My ads menu. One more fact:  the ads published in this app have an expiration date . Between 30 and 60 days, to be chosen by the user.

milanuncios sell


As buyers, at Milanuncios we have a huge range of options . In the start menu we are directly offered to specify the sector that interests us: business, services, motor, games, telephony and more.

Once inside, in each section we will see a selection of products that will not be ordered by proximity, although those within our own autonomous community will be shown first .

A good aspect of the Milanuncios app menu is that it allows us to perform various actions with an article without having to enter the ad itself. We can mark it as a favorite (by pressing the star icon), contact the seller directly or even check the ad statistics. To see the photos and the description, yes, you will have to enter the ad.

milanuncios buying


When we have found a user that interests us, we can contact him, either by phone directly or by sending him a message. That message will reach the seller in two ways, as an email and as a message in the messages section of the app . As is common in these apps, the notification system does not work very well, so sending emails is really useful. This option will always be available, while the phone option is optional, it depends on whether a phone was added when placing the ad.


In Milanuncios, there is a credit system to be able to climb to the top positions. For only 20 cents we can place our ad as featured. However, this option is still only available for the web version, not for the mobile . Of course, if this service is contracted through the web to highlight the ad, users of the app version will also see those ads as featured.



When analyzing these three apps we have found interesting elements in each one, but also other negative elements. Wallapop is one of the most damaged after analysis . Despite its careful image, the upload of images is limited to only four and it is also subject to hiring extra services for the ad to be successful.

As for the contact, your messaging service does not send notifications (although it should), nor emails. As a positive point we find the filter by location, although it is no longer a unique feature of Wallapop. The payment system is an original idea, although we are not very clear if it will work in a sector such as second hand .

Vibbo, for its part, is the one that has offered us a more balanced image. Its app is careful, it takes the best of the Wallapop format but polishes some details . Being able to choose favorites without having to enter the ad is an interesting point. Also having a system for sending emails that give greater visibility to private messages helps Vibbo stand out.

Finally, Milanuncios remains in an intermediate position. It has a quite improvable interface, and some systems such as credits do not work in the app. On the other hand, its sales system allows including the telephone and also has a gigantic catalog of options for users to offer articles, services and even jobs. That the ads have an expiration date is one of their main weaknesses.

With these conclusions, you can now decide in which app you want to place your ads , or if you want to place them in all three. Now you know in which aspects each specific app stands out, in order to take advantage of it.