Octilus launches new collections of mobile cases

Octilus launches new collections of mobile cases

Sometimes finding original phone cases is really difficult. Although there are many stores that have this type of accessories, most follow very similar patterns. But there are many users who are not satisfied with this type of covers, they want something that identifies them. An original, eye-catching, inspiring cover. Covers like the ones we find in the Octilus online store , which is now launching new collections of BECOOL mobile cases to celebrate Christmas .

The new Octilus Collections section includes the latest company designs, as well as market trends. Each collection includes mobile cases with a similar theme, but with very varied designs. In addition, the Collections section will be updated regularly with new designs and availability for new terminals . We are going to take a look at the new Octilus collections and explain how you can locate these interesting cases for your mobile.

Flowers Collection

new collections Octilus phone cases Flowers collection

Do you like flowers? Now you can find the new Flowers Collection in Octilus . This collection of mobile cases is made up of two lines: printed backgrounds and transparent backgrounds for those who also want to show off their mobile design.

In the Flowers Collection we find from tropical flowers to flowers with autumnal tones, going through vintage or retro designs . They have even been added a toucan for a more wild touch.

Marble Collection

new collections Octilus phone cases Marble collection

It might sound a bit “weird” to create a collection of mobile phone cases with designs based on marble. But the truth is that this material has always combined perfectly with metal. The Marble Collection includes gold tones, geometric lines, diamonds and bold colors .

In short, a very original line of mobile phone cases signed by Becool. A way to give a natural touch to your terminal, while being eye-catching.

Ethnic Collection

new collections Octilus phone cases Ethnic collection

The third collection Octilus has launched for Christmas is the Ethnic Collection. This collection features stamped designs with Ethnic, Mandala and Animal Print motifs .

We have mobile cases with very striking printed backgrounds, such as the white tiger, and also various designs with mandalas with transparent backgrounds.

How to find the covers of the new collections for our mobile

Did you like the new Octilus mobile cover collections? Do you want to know how to get the correct case for your mobile? We are going to explain how to locate the available models for your terminal .

new collections Octilus phone cases how to search by ethnic mobile

We will take the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus as an example. Once on the Octilus main website, in the menu on the left side we enter Mobile Accessories - Xiaomi Accessories. In the list of models we look for our model, which will give us access to Xiaomi mobile cases .

Once the model we are looking for has been selected, on the left side of the screen we have a new menu to filter the search. We click, in our case, on "Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Cases" and we see a new filtering menu on the left. We will have to look for the Collections option .

And voila, here you have the three new collections of mobile cases . We will only have to select the one that interests us to see the covers in the collection.

It works the same way with other mobile devices. At Octilus they have covers for almost all mobile models on the market , including Apple iPhones, such as the iPhone 6 or the new iPhone Xs. Surely on the Octilus page you will find a case for your mobile that fits your tastes and is different from what you have seen in other case stores.