How to see the password of the WiFi network in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

You have probably found yourself more than once with the need to see the router password again to connect a new computer or mobile device to the local network. Having to access this device to see the password is usually tedious, and in the event that we have changed the password, we run the risk of forgetting it or losing the paper or document in which we write it down. Through Windows we have a simple way to see the Internet password, although it is not always easy to access this function if the mode is not known. We tell you in a few steps how to see the password for the local network through a computer or tablet with Windows 8.1 .

The first thing to note is that access to this feature is similar in both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The logical premise is that we have already entered the network password at some point and that we have activated the option to save the key (this option is active by default). The first thing we have to do is go to the Windows 8 desktop . One of the icons that we find in the task bar (in the lower right part) has the shape of several bars and symbolizes the connection to the network.

We put the mouse on the icon and press the right button. In the case of using a touch screen, we can also keep the pressure for a couple of seconds until the context menu appears. The option to choose is "Open the Network and Sharing Center". Another quick way to access this menu is go to the main screen of Windows 8 and type the word "Center". Among the search results that appear almost automatically we will have the center of networks and shared resources.

How to view the local network password in Windows 8.1

Once there, we will see on the right of the window the name of the connection to which we are connected. Click on it and another smaller window will appear with the title "Wi-Fi Status". Among the available options is the "Wireless Properties". This is the penultimate step before reaching the menu we are looking for. In the new open window we have two tabs, the first one with the name "Connection" and the second one for managing the security options ( "Security" ).

As we can see, within this small menu the encrypted WiFi password will appear . In order to see the characters, it is necessary that we have administrator permissions. Normally, if we are using the main account we will have these permissions and it will not be necessary to enter the administrator credentials. Simply, we click on the box "See characters" and the network key will appear. An easy way to write down the password and connect new devices to the home network.