My Webcam does not work in Windows 10, how to activate it

My Webcam does not work in Windows 10, how to activate it

The webcam is a peripheral used by many users both to record videos and to hold videoconferences with other people. Unfortunately, the webcam is a device that tends to have malfunctions much more frequently than we would like. That is why we offer you this post, in which we explain the most common problems with a webcam and their solution.

Check the privacy settings of Windows 10

There are many reasons that can cause a webcam to stop working correctly, although it is possible that the problem is found within the configuration application that Windows 10 includes .

The Windows 10 configuration tool includes options that allow you to disable access to the webcam for applications that try to use it. This means that if you are denying an application access to the webcam, it will simply be impossible to use it and the device will not work at all.

You can check this in a very simple way by entering the Windows 10 configuration application, you can do it from the gear-shaped icon that you will find in the Start menu.

Once inside the Windows 10 configuration application, the easiest way to access the webcam options is to write the word " camera " in the search engine at the top. With this, you will see the option to enter the privacy settings of the webcam.

activate webcam windows 10 1

The tool allows you to allow or restrict access to the webcam to all applications. The first step you must do is make sure that you are allowing access to the webcam, to the applications that you have installed on your computer.

activate webcam windows 10 2

A little further down you will find options to allow or deny access to the webcam to certain applications . These are the options you should use if you don't want a certain application to be able to access your computer's webcam.

activate webcam windows 10 3

Below everything you will find an option that allows restricting access to the webcam to desktop applications . These are the applications installed in Windows 10 in a traditional way, downloading the .exe file from the Internet.

activate webcam windows 10 4

Check that your WebCam is installed

Windows 10 is capable of recognizing most of the webcams that we find on the market without the need to install specific drivers, but this compatibility is not guaranteed with all devices. Therefore, if you have problems using your webcam, you should make sure that Windows 10 is recognizing it correctly.

This can be done in a very simple way using the " Device Manager " tool that is included as standard in Windows 10. You can access it in a very simple way by searching for it from the operating system's start menu.

check installed webcam

Once inside the Device Manager, you will see a long list of all the devices that you have running on your computer. You just have to make sure that your webcam appears in this list and that it does not have any strange symbol warning of a malfunction.

check installed webcam 2

If your webcam does not appear in the list of devices on your computer, or it does so by displaying an exclamation or some other strange symbol, Windows 10 has not been able to identify it correctly. In this case, you must enter the website of the manufacturer of your webcam to download the device driver and install it on your computer.

This is all, we hope you find it very useful. Remember that you can share the well on social networks to help more users.