How to watch Orange TV from a computer


Television as we knew it before no longer exists. Now, who else who less is subscribed or subscribed to a content platform, such as Netflix, Filmin or HBO. Another interesting option for those who also need the services of an operator, is to opt for the TV content that it offers .

Because the truth is that all of them, or at least the main ones, have their own packages of series, films, documentaries and even the main football matches. This is also the case with Orange TV , which in addition to providing internet and telephone services, offers its customers the possibility of enjoying television through different screens.

Orange proposes up to five screens simultaneously , something that other platforms do not offer. Not without paying an extra and never for a total of five. Thus, Orange TV customers can watch television from their Smart TV, a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

If you are subscribed to Orange TV and you want to enjoy television from a computer , but you still don't know how to do it, we give you all the instructions below.


How to watch Orange TV from your computer, step by step

Obviously, the first thing you should have is a subscription to Orange TV. You must be a customer of the operator and from there , have the service enabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the television. Now we are going to go through the steps you must take to connect from any computer:

1. The first thing will be to access this page: // You can type this address in the top bar of your browser or, if you prefer, click here to go directly to the Orange TV page.

2. Next, you will access a page that works like a carousel, to show you all - or rather, a selection - of the content available on Orange TV . Thus, you can observe the Highlights, see what TV Channels are available and what they broadcast right now, a selection of recommendations that you cannot miss, interesting children's content, the most searched, the outstanding collections (made up of collections recommended by Orange itself ) or the video store, where you will find countless movies available.

3. You should know that, to avoid problems during broadcasts, you should always do it from a compatible browser . You can do it with any of the following in the versions indicated:

  • Google Chrome  from version 69
  • Mozilla Firefox  from version 62
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer (with Silverlight installed)
  • Safari 9 (with Silverlight installed)


4. Then scroll to the column on the left of the screen. You will see that a menu is displayed just by hovering over it with the mouse. Choose the last option: Enter. 

5. What you will have to do next is enter your login details. On the one hand, the username, which corresponds exactly to your phone number, and on the other, the access password. If you have problems accessing it because you have forgotten your username or password, just start the recovery. If it turns out that you have not yet subscribed to Orange TV, you will have to click the Contract Orange TV button.

Once inside, you can start enjoying Orange TV content from your computer . Choose or search for the movies, series or documentaries that interest you the most and press play to start the broadcast you want. When you want to return to Orange TV from your computer, you will have to repeat the same procedure. Easy right?