How to contact or file a complaint with IKEA online


Shopping around IKEA can be as charming as it is boring. There are many who enjoy strolling through its long corridors and exhibitors. But there are also a good number who associate a walk through IKEA with something very similar to hell. As you read it.

Fortunately for these seconds, for some time now the Swedish manufacturer offers so-called home delivery . Although this could be done before, now there is the possibility of placing orders online and receiving them comfortably at home.

It happens, however, as in any store in service, that sometimes failures occur and it is convenient to make inquiries or make complaints to IKEA . If something has happened to you with the furniture you ordered and now you need a person in charge of this manufacturer to clarify things for you, you are in the right place. Next, we provide you with all the contact information and we tell you how to file a claim with IKEA online.


How to contact IKEA?

Whether you have made the purchase in the store and are waiting to receive it home by courier, or if you have ordered your furniture or accessories online, you have the option of contacting IKEA customer service remotely. But how to do it? These are the possibilities that the manufacturer offers you.

IKEA customer service phone

The first option, and also the fastest, is the telephone. You can make a call from 08:00 to 22:00 every working day at 900 400 922 . This is a completely free phone, so if you make a call, from whatever phone, you won't have to pay an extra penny.

This is a phone that both private and business customers can call . Only at the time of being attended, you will have to specify that you want to contact Ikea Business.

Use the contact web form

If you cannot call or prefer that your query be in writing, you also have the option of filling out the web form that IKEA makes available to all its customers. Here you can submit any query, so first you will have to indicate what it refers to : if it has to do with something before the purchase, during the purchase or after the purchase.

You will also have to indicate which IKEA store the query refers to and fill in your contact details. Within the observations area you can tell what has happened. Remember to indicate here any information related to your order, especially if it is an after-sales claim.


Where is your order?

If you have placed an order and want information about it, you can access the section Where is your order? to indicate the number or code in question and an email address. In this way, you will be able to obtain exact data on its location, as well as the probable date of receipt or if any incident has occurred.

Make a return

If you finally need to return a product, you can do it in a physical store, but also remotely. There is no option to order the return online, but there is by phone. If you have any questions, here we provide the instructions. In any case, it will be necessary to make a phone call to 900 400 922 and, once the return has been accepted, pack your order. The collection service will pass through your home at the agreed time and date and you will have to pay either 5 euros if you received the shipment by parcel or 39, if you did it through other formulas.