▷ Is it reliable to buy on Wish? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

wish is safe

"Is it safe to buy on Wish?", "Is it reliable to buy on Wish?", "Wish reviews in Spain", "Are there fake products on Wish?" and many other searches are some of the most recurrent queries about Wish by the different users of the application. Like Aliexpress, Joom and other similar applications, Wish has a multitude of sellers whose reliability depends as much on the rating of the seller as the product in question. Is Wish reliable? Find out below.

3 reasons Wish is trustworthy

Like any sales platform, Wish has some key points where its reliability is more than demonstrated. Meet some of them below.

Product and seller rating

Wish reliability is largely measured by the rating of the product and the seller in question. Like eBay, we can review the ratings of the different products and stores before making a purchase in the respective options within the application.

wish is reliable

In case the average score of the product is less than 4 stars, it is best to opt for another product . Regarding the stores that are offered on Wish, if a certain seller has an average positive rating of less than 90%, choosing another store will be the smart thing to do if we want to avoid problems.

Wish return policy

Wish is adamant about its return policy. To ensure the correct delivery and condition of the product in question, Wish establishes a period of 30 days to request a refund of the full amount of the product purchased in the event that it does not conform to the seller's description or we have not received the item.

Within a period of no more than 14 days, Wish will refund the full amount of the product regardless of its price, as long as we demonstrate its status or the non-receipt of the item.

PayPal as a form of payment

Being one of the safest forms of payment on the Internet, PayPal is essential if we want to safeguard our rights as consumers.

paypal wish

In the event of a shipping, status or receipt problem for the product purchased on Wish, we can claim the amount owed directly to PayPal as long as the term has not exceeded 180 days after purchase.

3 reasons why Wish is unreliable

Wish isn't always trustworthy, and some of the reasons Wish isn't secure lie in things that are beyond the control of the platform.

False product descriptions

"2 TB Pendrive", "Nvidia GTX 1060 12 GB graphics card" or "4 TB micro SD memory card" are some of the headlines that Wish sellers use in the purchase application to attract more visits. Special mention to electronic articles oriented to computers and mobiles, whose description does not usually coincide with the actual characteristics of the product .

is reliable wish

In other Wish items such as those oriented to fashion, makeup and kitchen, the condition of the product is usually as described by the seller. Be that as it may, from Tuexperto.com we recommend checking the product score and the store to check the reliability of both before buying the item in question.

Eternal shipping times

Buying products whose origin is sent to the Chinese country usually entails delays in shipping times. The average waiting time is usually 3, 4 or even 5 weeks , depending on the product and the date of shipment (at Christmas the terms tend to be longer as a general rule).

In the event that the product exceeds a month and a half or two months of shipping, it is best to resort to the refund of Wish to receive the amount of the product in question always and when we demonstrate that we have not received the product.

Ridiculously low prices

Directly related to the first point. The main attraction of Wish has to do with the ridiculously low prices of its products. And it is that although in general these products usually correspond to those described in the description, in the case of electronic products this is not usually the case .

wish graphics card

In any case, it is best to apply logic when buying a certain product outside its common price . Have you found a 500 GB SSD hard drive for 20 euros or a GTX 1060 graphics card for less than 100? Most likely, they are fake products or with lower specifications than the original product.

Block for bulk refunds

In case of reporting refunds periodically, either due to the poor condition of the products or for trying to receive the amount paid to deceive the application, Wish will block this option immediately .

The direct consequence of this is that we will not be able to claim a refund for any order even if it does not arrive or the product is in poor condition . This has been the reason for complaint by several thousand users whose reports are collected by many forums on the Internet.

A possible solution is to create a new account, although it is not everyone's liking to have to resort to this type of method to claim a fundamental right of the buyer.

So is shopping on Wish safe or not?

Like any trading platform, it depends largely on its buyers. Is Wish safe? The truth is that yes, although not all that glitters is gold.


Choose PayPal as a payment method, review the store ratings, check the community's comments on a product, capture the entire purchase process (description, images, price ...) for future claims and apply logic When buying a certain product are some of the practices that we will have to carry out if we want to ensure the entire purchase process.

Paying special attention to electronic products is another of the practices that we will have to follow to avoid later problems, although from Tuexperto.com we recommend going to other stores or platforms to buy this type of product.