All the ways to know your WiFi password if you have lost or forgotten it

All the ways to know your WiFi password if you have lost or forgotten it

Losing the WiFi password, although it may seem unusual, the truth is that it is more frequent than we would like. There are few times that the information printed on the router is erased or corrupted, which is why we cannot read the network password clearly. On other occasions, access to the router is physically impossible for business or domestic security reasons. For both cases, there are different solutions (unless we do not have the relevant permissions), and today we will see four different ways to know the WiFi key of our connection .

Check router configuration

The first step in finding out the router's WiFi password will be to review the router's configuration. This is only possible if we are connected to the router in question either through WiFi or through an Ethernet cable. After this, the way to access the configuration panel is as simple as typing the address or in the browser .

All the ways to know your WiFi password if you have lost or forgotten it 1

Next we will see a panel similar to the one we can see in the image above. The password and the user to enter in most cases is usually 'admin' and 'admin' , although it may vary depending on the telephone company.


After having accessed the panel, all we will have to do is look for a section with the name of Password or Password (it is usually within a section with reference to the names of Advanced Configuration or Security). Finally, we can see the password in the corresponding section.

View the WiFi password saved on the computer

The password does not appear in the configuration panel of the router? Then we will have to go to the Network Configuration of the operating system that we have installed.

On Mac it is as easy as going to the Mac Keychain and entering the name of the WiFi network . When we have found it, we can double click on it after authenticating with our user password to see the WiFi password.

wifi password windows 10

If we refer to the windows system, just yesterday we published in Tusequipos a guide to see all the saved Windows passwords whether we are connected to the network in question or not. In the event that you have a computer with Windows installed, we strongly recommend that you take a look at it.

Search in mobile settings

This method is only possible on some Android mobiles and in certain customization layers, and in none of the cases will the mobile reveal the physical password of the WiFi (unless we have a rooted mobile), but rather a QR code with which we can share our connection with other devices .

qr wifi huawei

As this option depends entirely on the personalization layer of the phone in question, the steps to follow may vary depending on the brand of the terminal. However, in most cases we can generate a QR code of the WiFi network by going to the Android Settings, more specifically to Wireless (or WiFi) connections .

qr wifi huawei 2

Once the network to which we are connected is located, we click on its name and click on the Share option that appears. Finally, a scannable code will be generated with another mobile, thanks to which we can connect without entering the WiFi password.

Explore in WiFi printer options

The last option to see our WiFi password is to resort to our wireless printer if we have one. The method to follow again depends on the printer and brand that we have in our home, but in most cases we will have to resort to the manufacturer's software.

In this case we can see how the WiFi password of our home can be recovered through the HP Print Scan Doctor software. As we just mentioned, the process for printers from other brands is similar.

Contact the customer service number

If after having followed all these steps we have not recovered our WiFi password, the last possible option to get it is to contact the customer service number of the company with which we have contracted the Internet . In the event that you cannot supply it at the moment, it is most likely that a technician will end up coming to our homes to reset the router password.