How to permanently delete or close your Yahoo account

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The last two years have not been particularly good for Yahoo : more and more users abandon their services to join pages and email accounts  Google , while offering  Yahoo continues to deteriorate gradually. Flickr , the company's flagship application, is also losing momentum as concerns about the security and privacy of content grow among users.

In fact,  Yahoo!  acknowledged that it had kept information about a security breach that occurred in 2014 secret that exposed the passwords of more than 500 million accounts. It was not until September of 2016 that the news came to light, and it was also shown that the company had deliberately hidden the information from its users .

Taking into account all these factors, more and more Internet users decide to abandon Yahoo! services  , although account deletion or deactivation has never been particularly easy. The company has wanted to stop the flight of users on more than one occasion, with some quite annoying practices such as the deactivation of mail forwarding in Yahoo Mail .

We tell you step by step how you have to proceed to permanently delete your Yahoo account  .

Preliminary considerations

Before deleting your Yahoo account  , make sure that you save all the information that interests you and that you leave everything ready to delete your data. We advise you, for example, to take these details into account:

  • Check your  Yahoo! address book , save the phones and emails that interest you, and write to the addresses that still have that email address of yours to notify you that you will delete the account. Provide your new email address, where it will be available once you remove your access to  Yahoo Mail . You can also export a file with all your contacts to save it on your computer and import it later to other services such as  Google Contacts . When you are logged into your Yahoo account  , go to  Contacts> Export and follow the instructions.
  • Review photos stored on  Flickr : You can save a backup of all your files using the Flickr Downloadair software  .
  • You will also have options to export and synchronize your events and data stored on the  Agenda  of  Yahoo .

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Remember that in order to delete all your data you will have to log into your Yahoo! account  , so you will need the password. Also, if you have a child and family account, you must first delete the linked child account, before deleting the family account. Finally, keep in mind that once the deletion is complete, you will not be able to recover any of your Yahoo content  and you will lose all your personal settings.

How to close your Yahoo account permanently

Once you have completed the above steps and saved a backup, you have to access the specific Yahoo account closure page , or the special account closure page  if your login mode is a mobile phone.

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Next, enter your password, click on Close account , complete the captcha and confirm the deletion.