How to remove Delta Search from your computer

Deltabar 02

Sometimes it happens that we install software or small programs to meet some of our specific needs. For example, when we want to convert a Word document to PDF or when we want to take a little more sophisticated screenshots . In that case we usually resort to pages like Softonic to download these types of utilities and it is at that precise and fatal moment when the dreaded search bars or Search Toolbar enter our lives . Some of the most famous - to say the least - are Delta Search , Search Nu or Sweet IM, although the truth is that there are as many inconveniences they cause to their poor victims. They usually integrate into our browser and accommodate as a distant relative.


In fact, if you know how to remove them, they can become one of your worst enemies : a direct gateway to annoying adware and malware that is harmful to your computer. If you have decided to get rid of Delta Search or any other toolbar worth its salt, you have just come to the most suitable place. Follow these simple steps to eliminate it from your life forever:

1) With the computer open, access the Control Panel of your computer equipped with Windows , Microsoft's operating system .

2) Once inside, click on the section Programs and Features . In the list of programs, you will have to look for the name of the bar that you have installed in your browser. If yours is Delta Search , look for this denomination in the list. If you have another bar or more than one toolbar nagging, follow the same procedure.

uninstall toolbar 01

3) When you have located your objective, click with the right button of your mouse on the name of the bar in question and click on the first and only option that appears: Uninstall . You will see that in just a few seconds, the bar is uninstalled and you, finally, can start breathing. However, to get rid of it, you only have one step left.

uninstall toolbar 02

4) Finally, we recommend you access your browser settings to remove the Delta Bar page from the start . With Internet Explorer , access the Tools> Internet Options> General section and enter a new address to appear as the home page, instead of the old search box for this tool.

If you use Google Chrome, click on the Tools button > Settings> Manage browsers . Delete Delta Search and select another search engine from the list: Google , Bing, or whatever you prefer. Close the configuration and click on the "Start" section and start a new blank page. Finally, if you use Mozilla Firefox choose Tools> Options> General and Start and select a new start site.

Finally, we recommend that you take special care when installing programs through free software tools like these. In fact, if you look closely, when you install the program you will receive express indications about the bar that you are endorsing. You will always have the option to do without the installation and go directly to the program that interests you . It would not hurt, on the other hand, to do a new analysis with your antivirus to check if everything is in order.