How to uninstall a Chrome extension or plugin


You may have installed it at some point, long ago. And now you no longer need it. We refer to Chrome extensions and also plugins. Small patches that can be added to the browser and that serve to perform certain functions. But they don't always end up serving us.

Thus, you may now need to uninstall and permanently remove them from your browser . At other times, these extensions or plugins may also become obsolete. Most of the time because they no longer meet the security standards required by Google, the owner of the browser.

In this article, we are going to show you how to uninstall a Chrome extension or plugin in a few simple steps. Follow the instructions to get rid of what you no longer need. Let's go there!

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Instructions for uninstalling a Chrome extension or plugin

1. Let's get to work. The first thing you will have to do is logically access Chrome . Open your browser.

2. Next, we will have to locate the Chrome extension or plugin that you want to uninstall. To do this, access the menu (three dots) located in the upper right part of the browser. Choose the option More tools> Extensions.

3. Once inside this section, you will have access to a panel with all the installed extensions . All. That is, here you can see the ones you have installed over time. Find the one you need to remove if you can find it at a glance. If you have a lot installed, just do a keyword search at the top.


4. The next step will obviously be to eliminate them. In this case you have two options: either deactivate the one you don't need in order to activate it in the future . Or remove it directly from the root, a recommended way if you want to permanently get rid of the extension.

  • To deactivate an extension : move the switch to the left (from blue to gray)
  • To delete an extension : click on the Remove button
  • To learn more about an extension : click on the Details button

It is possible that within this section you will see that some of the extensions have already been previously deactivated by Chrome. These extensions violate the Chrome Web Store policy , which means that they do not respect the store's terms of service or directly violate the privacy and security of users. In this case, you can remove the extensions because they won't work anymore. If you want to delete any other, repeat the same action for each of them.


What if I want to install other extensions in Chrome?

Extensions or add-ons are tools used to extend the functions of the browser. If you think there are other extensions that may be useful to you, you have the option to install new ones. In principle, all of the ones you have in the Chrome Web Store have (for now) gone through the proper security controls .

To see which extensions you can download, go to the Chrome Web Store, in the Extensions category. What we recommend is to explore the different categories , in order to find an extension that is useful to you. You can choose from many: Accessibility, Blogs, Shopping, From Google, Sports, Fun, Photos, Search tools, Developer tools, News and weather, Productivity and Social and communication.

If you don't know where to start looking, you also have another option: search through keywords. So, if you need an extension to take screenshots, look directly for this: screenshots. You will find a long collection of useful plugins. When you find the one you like, click on the Add to Chrome button .