How to request the draft of Income 2015 without box 490


Today is the day. The Income 2015 campaign begins in which you, like all taxpayers, will have to submit the return corresponding to last year's fiscal year. At this time in the morning, the website of the Tax Agency that this year has dedicated to Income 2015 is partially blocked, probably due to the large number of requests it has received since early in the morning. In addition to downloading the draft declaration, taxpayers (as long as they are not entrepreneurs or self-employed) have the opportunity to use the Renta WEB service to formalize the declaration from their own browser. What situation are you in? Haven't downloaded the draft yet? You may have encountered problems when downloading this document provided by the Treasury, because you need a very specific piece of information: that of box 490. Next, we will help you find out how to request the draft 2014 Income without the box 490.

First of all, do your best to use this path

At this point we are no longer going to fool ourselves. Requesting the draft through the reference number provided by the Tax Agency is the fastest and easiest procedure. Many users do not have an electronic certificate or Cl @ ve PIN, two systems that can be very secure, but where registering is a real hassle. That is why the Tax Agency facilitates obtaining a reference number (RENO) with which we can access the download of the draft, but also all our online data on the 2015 Income (including the verification of the refund) without the need for more data than a simple reference code and our ID .

There is, however, a small obstacle. To request the reference number that they ask us to download the draft, the user will have to enter a couple of data: first, the DNI or NIE to identify themselves . Second, the data in box 490 of last year's return ( 2014 financial year ). This information is essential, unless you did not file the return last year.


I can't find the data for box 490, what do I do?

1. Try looking up last year's statement. And now you will tell us that you have already done this a thousand times and that there is no way. Well, we suggest you access the Tax Agency page and click on the Consult Refund button (entering the data from last year). You may not have last year's code, but the data has been stored in the browser boxes thanks to the autocomplete function . If you have been lucky, here you will find a copy of your 2014 income statement and therefore, you will have the possibility to consult the information in box 490 .

2. The last option and perhaps the most desperate is to go to your manager. If he filed the return, he will keep a copy and be able to provide you with the information you need.

Ask for the draft with the electronic certificate

1. You have no other choice. You have to try with the electronic certificate. If you already have it, you can start the process by accessing the 2015 Income page and clicking on the box Draft processing service> With electronic identification certificate or electronic DNI .

2. If you still do not have a digital certificate, you should know that you will need to install this signature in your browser. It is the one that is responsible for ensuring that the one who is accessing is you and no one but you. The first thing you have to do is go to the issuer of this type of certificate, which is none other than the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT) . Click on the option Obtain certificate and choose your modality (probably Natural Person).

3. Launch the petition. They will give you a code and you will have to go to a Tax Agency office to identify yourself and get the certificate.

4. If you have an electronic ID and the corresponding reader, you can also request the draft . You will, of course, need to download certain add-ons and follow the steps provided by the Agency itself.

Use the Cl @ ve PIN

1. The Cl @ ve PIN is an identification code that will be used to operate with all public administrations . With this you can also order the draft.

2. You will have to register online (without certificate) to request the invitation. After a few days, you will receive the key at home and with that code you will be able to access the draft . The disadvantage of this system is that it is much slower than requesting the reference code by mobile . But if you still haven't found the data in box 490 , you won't have another one.

Have you already started to start the machinery of Income 2015 ? If you have any questions, you just have to state it in the comments section.