How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer

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Until recently, duplicating the screen of an Android mobile on a computer was something that required third-party software. Nowadays Android already allows us to see the phone screen on a computer with Windows, Linux or Mac. To this we must add the different options of the manufacturers, as is the case of Samsung with Samsung Flow. Neither solution is better than another, although the process differs from method to method. This time we have compiled some of the most popular ways of viewing the screen of an Android mobile on a computer.

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How to see the mobile screen on the PC without programs

If we have a mobile with a relatively recent version of Android, the process to duplicate the screen on a Windows 10 computer is relatively simple. It is worth saying that this option may vary depending on the brand . For example, in Android this function is called Send, while in MIUI the function is called Cast. In OnePlus mobiles we can find it under the name of Screencast.

Starting from this premise, the first thing we will have to do is go to our computer with Windows 10. To activate the Projection function we will have to go to the Windows Settings menu, which we can find by clicking on the system icon; more specifically in the gear wheel. Once inside we will go to the System section. Finally we will click on Projection on this computer . Now the program will show us a window similar to the one in the image below.

How to view the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 1

The Projection function is only available in Windows 10 versions equal to or greater than 1607. It will only be functional if the computer is connected to a WiFi network.

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The configuration that we will have to follow to activate Windows Projection is the following:

  • Some Android and Windows devices can project on this computer when you allow it : Available everywhere.
  • Request the projection on this computer : Only the first time.
  • Require PIN for pairing : Never or Always, depending on the security that we want to assign.
  • This equipment is discoverable for projection only when connected to a power source : Off.
  • PC name : cannot be changed. Indicate the name that will be displayed on our phone to connect via WiFi.

We have everything ready to connect our phone to the PC. Previously we will have to make sure that both computers are connected to the same WiFi network . Otherwise, we will not be able to duplicate the mobile screen on the computer.

How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 2

Taking into account what we have just mentioned, the last step to connect our mobile to the computer will be to slide down the notification bar and click on Send / Cast / Screencast / Duplicate . The system will automatically start scanning devices that support the Projection function. After connecting to our PC, the mobile screen will be displayed directly in Windows, as we can see in the image below.

How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 3

Of course, we will not be able to control the interface from the computer, just visualize what the mobile shows at all times.

Samsung Flow, the solution if you want to duplicate the image on a Samsung mobile

Samsung is the only manufacturer that has designed its own solution to connect its phones to Windows 10 computers. The application in question is called Samsung Flow. It can be downloaded for free on Android and Windows.

  • Download Samsung Flow for Android
  • Download Samsung Flow for Windows

After having installed each application on the mobile and the computer, the synchronization process is really simple. First we will have to connect both devices to the same WiFi network . Next we will open the Samsung Flow client for Windows.

samsung flow 1

The program will automatically show a list with all Android devices connected to the same WiFi network, as we can see in the image above.

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Once we have selected our Samsung device, we will open the homonymous application on Android to give it all the necessary permissions.

samsung flow 5

To activate screen mirroring in Samsung Flow, click on the second icon in the upper bar from the left. After accepting the operation on the mobile, the screen will start to be displayed on the computer.

How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 4

The advantage of Samsung Flow over the native Android function is that the program allows us to control the mobile without any limitation and almost instantaneously.

AirDroid allows you to mirror the screen and control the mobile from the PC

Another option that we can resort to if the previous ones have not seemed enough to us is AirDroid. It is a third-party application that replicates the functions of Samsung Flow, from managing calls and contacts to duplicating the mobile screen and even controlling it remotely.

  • Download AirDroid for Android
  • Download AirDroid for Windows

Once we have registered on the platform and downloaded the application on our mobile and PC, the process to follow is practically identical to that of Samsung Flow . After synchronizing both devices, the web client will show us an interface similar to the one in the image below.

How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 5

To duplicate the mobile screen in AirDroid we will have to click on the Reflection function . The application will automatically start showing the mobile screen in a pop-up window, as we can see in the following screenshot:

How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 6

As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, AirDroid allows you to control the phone remotely. Of course, for this we will have to connect the phone to the PC and enable USB Debugging, a setting that we can find in the Development Options , which we can access by clicking 7 times on Build number in Device information, within Settings.

How to see the screen of an Android mobile on a computer 7

Finally, we will click on the icon corresponding to the Control function within the program. The application will show us a window very similar to the previous one , with the difference that now we can use the mouse to operate the interface remotely.