The 5 best strategies to win at strategies

Playing is much more than just eating little balls on the map to grow and get to eat the rest of the players. Although that is the mission, carrying it out requires patience and a lot of technique. And, in addition to fighting against lag or game delays , we will have to avoid the strategies of other players who will also try to eat us. That is why at we have compiled the 5 best strategies to achieve the classification in this title.

I break off and peel myself

Players who have passed the basic stage in are sure to have mastered the separation movement. To do this, you just have to press the space bar , dividing our total mass achieved into two half-size spheres . A waste! You will think. Well, no. It is the best way to feed on those players that you could absorb because they are smaller than you, but those that you cannot reach because they are much faster . And, when you break in two, one of the spheres is thrown forward at a great distance . That is why this technique should be used only against enemies that are small enough to absorb them with one of the halves.. Of course, you are at a disadvantage by losing size, but you will continue to grow and you can reabsorb yourself in a minute. But do not abuse this function or you will serve yourself on a silver platter for the rest. strategies

Let go of ballast if your ass gets heavy

Another function that every player has is to shoot matter . Quite a waste of resources for some, but a very useful tool in dangerous situations for others. And it is that releasing ballast can help us flee from a persecutor who is on our heels. Remember that the less mass you have, the more speed you have . To shoot mass, just press the W key . This mass remains as one more sphere on the stage, which can be collected later, although in cases of escape the best you can do is to write it off.

The more mass the better it is

There is a curious and somewhat risky technique that allows a great mass growth in a short time . For this you have to use viruses , those large green jagged circles that, when absorbed, manage to separate us into tiny portions. The key to this technique is to get very big and catch one of these viruses . In this way, even if we are separated into 16 cells (the maximum number of divisions that allows), we will still have a considerable size to protect ourselves from attackers , but we will have acquired a large number of virus mass . This is useful and safe only when you are very large, in an area populated by viruses. Something that will make us grow very quickly putting ourselves in danger only if there are very large enemies near us. strategies

The Jack Sparrow Technique

There are many strategies to playing , and the scavenger is one as valid as any other. The idea is simple: destroy what you see, and don't be generous . Of course, always taking advantage of others . When you are small enough to go unnoticed by the older ones, but enough to catch up with the newcomers to the game, you can get in the shadow of the larger cells . This will allow you to collect all that mass that is detached from their confrontations without being in too much danger for a while. Of course, be careful not to get too close or you will end up absorbed.

The same technique can be used near areas with viruses , those jagged green circles. When you pick up one of them, the cells divide into 16 portions for about half a minute. It is the ideal moment to destroy the smallest ones . A moment of confusion that can help you grow noticeably in no time. Nobody said that or life were fair ”¦

John McClane's (Dying Killing)

The virus can be a tool in our favor or against us . On the one hand, they allow us to divide and divide our mass into 16 portions , which can help us when fleeing from a pursuer, speeding up our march . On the other hand, it makes us vulnerable to attacks from bigger enemies . What not everyone knows is that they are also a weapon against other players . Have you tried shooting dough at them ? Its size will grow and explode, throwing more balls of minivirus around . Quite a play to get nearby enemies to subdivide and apply the Jack Sparrow technique. strategies