5 websites to learn to program online

5 websites to learn to program online

Learning to code is one of the great challenges of the 21st century, an increasingly important need for the jobs of the future. More and more children are going to robotics and programming classes , in addition to their extracurricular sports or language activities.

In this article we review five very useful web pages where you can learn to program online, at your own pace and from home . With a little patience and several months of dedication, you will be able to handle HTML, CSS or Java, among other computer languages.

1. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is probably the best known page to learn to program online. It is available in Spanish and allows you to  study HTML and JavaScript . It also has a more advanced course where you can learn to create a web page from scratch, using those two languages ​​and CSS.

codeacademy learn to program

In Codeacademy you can create a free account and directly access the courses, where you will progress through the lessons with practical exercises . Almost every unit requires you to write code to get the result you need, so learning is quick and intuitive.

In addition to the free account, Codeacademy has two payment plans to get extras , such as live technical support, exams and tests of each unit or extra exercises to program with practical cases.

2. Code.org, for children and adults

Various computer-related courses are available on the Code.org page : from fundamentals (to understand how technology works) to programming languages.

The portal is designed to learn programming regardless of age , since all content is explained from the most basic level. It is a very useful tool to motivate the little ones in the house and help them learn code step by step.

code.org learn to program

Of course, the didactic style and the ease of the syllabus also help any adult with a desire to study to learn to code quickly.

All Code.org courses are free and no registration is required to use the platform. However, an account will be required to save progress and projects created.

3. Khan Academy, a free portal with "The hour of code"

At Khan Academy you can take online courses in various disciplines (Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, etc.). The highlight, however, is its "Hour of Code" section .

This interesting proposal guides you through an hour of exercises to learn to program in a practical and simple way. There are several units available, depending on the needs of each student : teaching children, learning to draw with code ...

This section, like the rest of the Khan Academy courses, is completely free.

4. Programmr, great variety of programming languages

If you want to go beyond what Codeacademy offers, Programmr is the ideal website. The portal offers courses to learn to program with Flash, Java, PHP and many other programming languages.

programmr learn to program

Programmr is therefore focused on a more professional audience, but you will have no problem following the courses from scratch if you are a beginner .

The page has several free courses, and you can also participate in online challenges to test your knowledge of each language.

5. Scratch, learn to program and make animations in a simple way

Scratch is a page created by MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for children to learn to code while staying motivated.

scratch learn to program

The most interesting thing about Scratch is that the courses teach how to create final products, such as animations or simple web pages . The platform has numerous resources for teachers and parents, which can be used so that the little ones in the house have fun learning code and creating their own projects.