20 questions and answers about the Multi metro and bus transport card

20 questions and answers about the Multi metro and bus transport card

Since November 1, the transport network of the Community of Madrid stops selling magnetic tickets for trips by bus or metro. From now on, if you do not want to get a monthly transport pass, you will have to use the Multi transport card. It is another magnetic card on which trips are recharged, both the simple ones and those of the old metrobús (10 trips). And it works with the entire bus, metro and light rail transport network in Madrid.

At the moment, however, the Multi card is generating many doubts , because in many cases the routes are complex and it is normal for questions to arise with a format that we are not used to.

Here we answer  20 questions that you have probably already asked yourself  about the Multi Madrid transport card.

1. What is the Multi transport card?

The new Multi is a new contactless card that replaces magnetic bus and metro tickets. In a way, it works as a support in which all kinds of tickets can be stored : single, combined, the former 10-trip “Metrobús”, etc.

2. Can several people use the same Multi card?

Unlike the transport pass, the Multi card does not have an associated name and can be used by different people . For example, you can have a multi-trip card at home and can be used by different family members when they need it.

In addition, with the appropriate recharge, several people can make the same trip sharing a card, as long as the origin and destination are the same for all.

multi madrid transport card

3. How is it different from the standard monthly pass?

In addition, the tickets that you reload on the transport card do not expire after 30 days. If, for example, you top up 10 trips, you can use the card until you use up those 10 trips , even if it takes three months.

Of course: be careful, because… single tickets expire on the same day they are purchased!

Unlike the magnetic tickets, which were disposable, the Multi transport card can be reused : it only needs to be recharged.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that the Personal Transport Pass includes all the means of the Community of Madrid : metro, bus, light rail, Cercanías, combined ... pun. On the other hand, the Multi card is not suitable for everyone (for example, you could not use it to get on trains on the Cercanías network).

If you use the transport a lot, logically the monthly transport pass is better for you , since in the long run you will pay less than buying each ticket separately with the Multi.

They have explained to us through the comments that 10 trips can also be charged directly through the monthly pass , but we have not yet been able to verify it.

4. For which areas is the transport card valid?

The Multi transport card can be used throughout the public transport network of the Community of Madrid , with some exceptions. Also, not all tickets are available for reloading on this card, as we will explain later.

These are the tickets that you can reload on your Multi transport card :

  • Simple Metro and ML1, MetroSur, MetroNorte, MetroEste, ML2, ML3, Simple TFM.
  • Combined Metro, Single + Metro Airport Supplement, Single Tram of Parla.
  • 10-trip vouchers: MetroBús and ML1, 10 MetroSur trips, 10 MetroNorte trips, 10 MetroEste trips, 10 TFM trips, 10 MLO trips, 10 Parla Tram trips.
  • Interurban bus for interurban buses.

The tickets that  CANNOT be recharged on the Multi transport card are:

  • Simple bus EMT Madrid.
  • Simple express bus to the EMT airport.
  • Bus + Bus 10 trip ticket.
  • Simple intercity bus.
  • One-way, round-trip or Bonotren tickets for 10 Cercanías trips.

In practice, the Multi transport card simplifies only work on certain routes (especially Metro and bus), but only if you buy combinations of several trips.

Otherwise, as you can see, many tickets will still have to be paid for separately , and there are still different conditions for single trips on EMT buses, intercity buses and Cercanías network.

multi ticket transport card

Via: Ecomobility.

5. How do I get a Multi transport card?

To get a Multi Madrid transport card, you will have to go to the tobacconists or authorized points of sale . You can also get it at the automatic vending machines in the Metro and Metro Ligero network.

The management offices of the Regional Transport Consortium, where you can go for procedures related to your subscription, will not issue this type of card.

multi metro madrid card

6. How much does the Multi transport card cost?

If you still do not have a Multi transport card, you will have to pay 2.50 euros to get an empty one. At that price, the amount corresponding to the ticket or tickets you want to recharge would be added.

There is only one exception : for tourist tickets, the price of the Multi card is included in the total. Therefore, if you buy any of the tourist passes, you will already receive your Multi card with the recharged pass without paying for the card.

7. Is there any kind of disability discount?

People with disabilities or members of large families will not be able to obtain the discounts that correspond to the Multi transport card.

In these cases, it will be necessary to obtain a personal card to recharge your tickets with the applicable discounts. It can be requested directly through the Internet.

8. Do children need their own Multi transport card?

The Madrid Regional Transport Consortium establishes that routes within the network are free for all children until they reach 7 years of age.

Children under 4 years old do not need to travel identified, but those between 4 and 6 years old will have to request their Public Transport Card for children , totally free.

From the day they turn 7 years old, they will have to start traveling with the applicable rates (personal Youth Transport Card or Multi Card) .

9. If I come to Madrid on a trip, do I have to buy the Multi transport card to be able to travel on the city's public transport?

To move around the transport network of the Community of Madrid you will need a Multi transport card. You can get it for 2.5 euros additional to the cost of the ticket .

If you are going to buy any of the tourist vouchers, the Multi card will be included in the price.

10. What is the difference between the transport card and the Cercanías card?

The Cercanías “Renfe y tú” card is a contactless card that replaces the magnetic tickets on your network. In it you can recharge single tickets, combined round trip tickets or 10-journey vouchers (“Bonotren”), only to be used within the Cercanías train network.

If you have a Multi card and you also want to use the trains, you must have both cards : Multi and “Renfe y tú”.

11. Does the Multi transport card expire?

The Multi transport card that you buy now will be valid for several years (until 2024) . This means that you will not have to worry about renewing the card in a good season.

12. How and where is the Multi card reloaded?

You can recharge the Multi card at automatic vending machines and at authorized points of sale, such as Bankia ATMs. The only exception is the "Interurban Bonus" ticket , which cannot be obtained at the machines in the Metro network.

In summary: if you are going to travel on urban or interurban EMT buses, keep in mind:

  • Single tickets are purchased on board the bus.
  • Bonuses can be purchased at tobacconists in the corresponding areas and at transport interchanges: Avenida de América, Moncloa, Plaza de Castilla, Plaza Elíptica and Príncipe Pío.

In addition, if you are going to reload a tourist voucher, you can also use the machines suburban rail network to make your recharge.

emt madrid transport card

13. The trips that we buy in each batch, do they expire at some point?

It depends. When you buy vouchers for 10 trips, for example, you can use them whenever you want, as long as there is no change in the rates of the Transport Consortium.

However, the Multi transport card introduces a very important novelty in single tickets. If you recharge a single ticket you must use it on the same day, because it expires on that day.

14. Can I have several different tickets on the Multi transport card?

You can only have travel tickets at the same time if they correspond to areas that do not overlap . That is to say: you could recharge a Metrobús + ML1 (10 trips) together with 10 interurban bus trips in zones B2-B3, for example.

If the bonuses are compatible, you can have them at the same time: but remember, there can only be two bonuses out of 10 simultaneously .

To reload single bills, the maximum limit is 10 singles at the same time in the same recharge. But remember that the singles expire on the same day: recharge only the ones you will need.

Also keep in mind that Metro singles have different prices depending on the origin and destination , so it is always advisable to buy them on the go, when you need them, to specify the details for each trip.

The tourist pass can be recharged on the Multi transport card, but it is incompatible with the rest of the tickets .

15. Do I have to wait for zero trips to recharge the card?

It is not necessary. You just have to follow the rules we just mentioned. That is, you must have a maximum of ten trips to recharge.

16. What means of transport are included with each trip on the public transport card?

As with the magnetic system, each ticket entitles you to a single trip on one of the means of transport. That is to say: if you are going to get on the Metro and then the bus, you will need to have two trips available on your Multi card .

17. And what about transfers?

Within the Metro network you can make transfers without problem, as before. Any other combination of transport, or a change of zone, will force you to use two of the tickets you have on your card.

multi card madrid

18. How can I see how many trips I have left on the Multi transport card?

Every time you use the Multi transport card in the corresponding machine, the screen will show you information about the available balance . You will also be able to check the balance available at the Metro network vending machines.

In addition, you can check your recharged trips using the Transport Consortium application , available for iOS and Android. Of course: you will need a mobile with NFC technology.

check multi transport card balance

19. If it breaks down, can I make up my remaining trips? Will it cost me money to change it?

For the first ten years from the purchase of the Multi transport card, you can request a new card free of charge if it stops working. Of course: it has to be a fault or defect in the card , and no changes will be made in case of breakage.

The tickets that you have available on your old card will be automatically transferred to the new one , at no extra cost.

From 2 years from the issuance of the card, if you need to change it you will have to buy a new one.

In any case, you can manage incidents with your Multi transport card (theft, loss, etc.) through the Consortium's website.

20. If I have any questions, what channels do I have to ask?

If you have any questions, you can contact the Regional Transport Consortium on telephone 012, by email ([email protected]) or at its physical office in Madrid.