WhatsApp Web, 10 tricks when using WhatsApp from your computer

whatsapp web tips and tricks

Despite the fact that its connection continues to depend on a mobile phone, WhatsApp in its web version continues to be the most used messaging client in the world. The reasons for this are simple: it allows us to follow our conversations on the computer without having to resort to third-party applications. But WhatsApp Web is not a mere client of the original application for Android and iOS. It currently has a large number of hidden functions and tricks. A few months ago we published a complete guide to connect to the web version of WhatsApp. This time we will show you ten tips and tricks to use WhatsApp Web from your computer .

Enlarge and increase the letter of WhatsApp Web

expand whatsapp web

Although WhatsApp Web does not allow changing the font size by default, we can force the browser we are using (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge ...) to increase the size of the interface.

To do this, as simple as pressing the combination of keys Control and + at the same time . Thereafter, the page will increase from 25% to 25% over the total area. If we want to decrease its size, the command to be entered will be Control and - at the same time.

Keyboard commands for WhatsApp Web

The web version of WhatsApp also allows us to perform certain actions through custom keyboard commands. Create a new chat, silence a conversation, move on to the next one ... Of course, all of these are only compatible with the desktop WhatsApp Web application for Windows and Mac . Nothing to resort to the browser.

Some of the most useful commands for WhatsApp Web are the following:

  • Ctrl + N : new conversation
  • Ctrl + Shift + N : new group
  • Ctrl + Shift +] : next conversation
  • Ctrl + Shift + [ : previous conversation
  • Alt + F4 : close the conversation
  • Ctrl + E : archive the conversation
  • Ctrl + Backspace : delete the conversation
  • Ctrl + Shift + M : mute the conversation
  • Ctrl + Shift + U : mark message as unread
  • Ctrl + P : open the contact's profile

Use multiple WhatsApp accounts at the same time

Did you know that we can use several WhatsApp accounts at the same time with different phone numbers? By default, WhatsApp Web only supports one session per IP address. Fortunately, we can force two rooms of the application to open using incognito mode .

Once the hidden tab is open in any of the available browsers, we will only have to scan the QR code with our secondary phone number and the application will automatically access its conversation history.

Have WhatsApp Web active even without having it open

What we can currently do on Android and iOS we can also do on Windows and Mac. Of course, for this we must install an extension for Windows Chrome. Specifically WAToolKit.

When we have added it to Google Chrome, we will click on the extension icon that will appear in the top bar of Chrome and we will activate the Background notifications option . From now on, all the messages that arrive on WhatsApp can be seen in the Windows and Mac notifications panel without having to have a browser tab open.

Find emoticons easily on WhatsApp Web

whatsapp emoticons

Why resort to the WhatsApp emoticon search engine if we can use a simple combination of keys and words.

Searching for certain emoticons in the application is as simple as typing: and the type of emoticon that we want to search , so that it looks something similar to the following:

  • :happy
  • :finger
  • :Water
  • :anger

We can make as many combinations as we can think of.

Change the playback speed and volume of WhatsApp audios

speed audio whatsapp

Again we have to resort to an extension to carry out this function. In this case, the name is Zapp.

Once we have installed and activated it correctly in Chrome, we will play some audio from the WhatsApp website and click on the green icon of the extension. Now we can change both the volume and the playback speed .

Transfer files from mobile to computer

Tired of using USB cables? With WhatsApp we can send all kinds of files from the mobile to the computer.

To do this, we will create a new group with a trusted person. Then we will delete the person in question and from now on the control of it will be all ours. The key here is to send files through the same group so that they are displayed in real time on the computer .

Write in italics, monospaced, strikethrough and bold in WhatsApp Web

Changing the format of the letters is also possible on WhatsApp Web. In fact, the process to follow is exactly the same as in the application for Android and iOS.

The commands to be entered are the following:

  • Italic : _word or phrase _
  • Monospaced : "` word or phrase "`
  • Underline : ~ word or phrase ~
  • Bold : * word or phrase *

Have a dark mode on WhatsApp Web

whatsapp dark web

If we are night owls, having a dark mode or night mode in WhatsApp Web can help us fall asleep.

As with other similar options, to install a dark theme on WhatsApp Web we will have to resort to third-party extensions . In our case, the one that has worked best for us has been Dark Reader. It is not only capable of applying a dark theme to WhatsApp, but also to other websites.

When we have installed it, we will click on the extension icon and we will configure all the colors to our liking .

Hide WhatsApp Web conversations

archive chat

An ideal function for all those who do have something to hide. This time we do not have to resort to any third party program. All we have to do is right-click on the conversation in question and select the Archive chat option .

In this way, all the chats that we archive will be hidden in the Archived Chats folder. To recover them we will have to go to the end of the list of our conversations and access the aforementioned folder. Once inside, we will give you to Recover chat .