20 funny Christmas GIFs and memes to share on WhatsApp

20 funny Christmas GIFs and memes to share on WhatsApp

Christmas is here, one of the most beautiful times of the year, where friendship, joy, gifts are shared ... and of course, memes too. Because it wouldn't be Christmas without the traditional memes and GIFs to send on WhatsApp. At Tuexperto we have selected 20 funny memes and GIFs with Christmas motifs so that you can send to your friends and family through WhatsApp or social networks.

To share the GIF or meme through WhatsApp, you just have to keep your finger pressed on the image, press download and then go to WhatsApp, open the gallery in the chat and select the downloaded image. Let's go with the memes.

Have you already put the tree?

Christmas memes

If you want a slightly original Christmas tree, you can choose this idea as if it were taken from Pinterest. You can also send it to a family member through WhatsApp to let them know how you will be dressed for Christmas lunch or dinner.

Also don't forget to update your profile


Remind your friends or family that it's Christmas in a few hours in case they haven't updated their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile.

Take advantage of platforms


YouTube is a great portal to publish content, and more with Christmas motifs for these days. Send it to the family member or friend who is every two by three publishing content and videos on their social networks.

Did you think there were no dinner memes?


A meme for the Mas Geeks that, without a doubt, perfectly relate the before and after Christmas dinners.

Merry xmas


A very different Christmas greeting, especially for the combination of Santa's hat without a shirt at Christmas, which precisely falls in winter.

The RAE present at Christmas


Send this meme to a family member who needs a dictionary so they can write the states of the phase correctly. 

The excess


Send this meme to the person who always says that this year he is not going to overindulge on sweets, but still does.

Christmas, a real stress


This GIF represents very well what Christmas is like in some (most of them) homes. Or am I wrong…

Sending a hug to a Grinch


If you have someone you know who hates Christmas, send them this GIF to liven up the holidays a bit, even if they are a real Grinch.

Be careful with the tree this Christmas, it gets dizzy


Beware of excesses this Christmas, but you have to tell the poor puppy that the trees cannot faint.

Another funny Christmas GIF


This Christmas GIF has nothing special, it is only two reindeer and Santa Claus Dancing, you can send it to someone to congratulate them on Christmas in a fun way.

From one month to another


A month flies by, and more at Christmas. This meme perfectly reflects what the change of the month will be like.

Meme offered by the DGD


This meme has been offered by the DGD (General Directorate of Dignity). If you drink, or send WhatsApp, you may click on your ex ... Of course, if you drink, don't drive either.

Designed in the North Pole, made in China


Someday the little ones will find out.

Jingle yay


This GIF is sure to represent more than one person this holiday season, am I right?

The most adorable GIF of 2019

20 funny Christmas GIFs and memes to share on WhatsApp 1

This may be the most adorable GIF of 2019: a cute kitten playing with a Christmas ball. Many of us know that when he grows up he will play with the whole tree.

Fortnite could not miss


Of course, Fortnite, the fashionable video game, could not be missing. Here's a Christmas GIF of Fortnite with the dancing gingerbread skin.

Santa Claus is on the march


Santa likes the march, and surely a family member too. You can send him this GIF so he knows that Santa Claus is leaving.

Santa GIF

20 funny Christmas GIFs and memes to share on WhatsApp 2

It's a print of… hearts? Maybe Santa should wear pants.

You will never get it

20 funny Christmas GIFs and memes to share on WhatsApp 3

You're never going to get a Christmas present wrapped so quickly, but you can send the GIF to a friend and ask them to try it on you.