Problems with Movistar, the service works badly and the website is down

Problems with Movistar, the service works badly and the website is down

Movistar is KO again . It seems that the well-known operator is suffering, again, a national decline . At this time, many users report problems with the fiber network and also access the operator's website . Even in some areas of Spain they are having problems with the mobile network, both for data and calls. Discover all the details of the service drop.

As reported by users, the fall affects many of the operator's services. All the operator's services appear to be affected, from the fiber Internet connection to the landline and even television . Other users also report problems with mobile coverage and mobile data access.

If we review the data offered by the Downdetector website, we see that the increase in reports has started to rise at 9 in the morning today. At 10:15 there were a number of reports quite somewhat, although then it has gone down. But just a few minutes ago, the number of cases detected on the web increased considerably again . And for the moment it remains. This makes us think that the problems could be specific interruptions in the service.

Movistar network drop Downdetector graphic

We have reviewed the official social networks of Movistar and at the moment the operator has not confirmed that it is a general incident . However, you just have to do a search on networks like Twitter to verify that there are many users with problems.

Customer service is affected and could affect other operators

One of the big affected by this drop is the company's own customer service. According to users, at the moment it is practically impossible to talk to 1004 and do any operation on the Movistar website .

On the other hand, Movistar's fiber network is used by several operators that do not have their own network, so not only the direct customers of the Spanish operator could have problems. Among the possible affected are also the clients of O2 , Movistar's low cost operator.

Some Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo users could also have problems, since in some areas they use the Movistar network. We hope that the service can be restored as soon as possible.