How to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020

How to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020

Some Google services such as Gmail or Google Maps are well known, but others perhaps go a little more unnoticed. And we are not talking about services that are only useful for some users, such as Google Trends, but services that can help anyone. Among them is Google Flights or Google Flights, a flight search engine created by Google so that we can find cheaper trips .

It is a service offered by Google through a really simple web interface, as is usual in the applications and services of the search giant. So we could say that it is a very good alternative to search engines like Kayak and similar platforms. In addition, the main purpose of the page is to help us find the cheapest flights that exist for each trip . In fact, the Google search engine prioritizes the flights that have a lower price and marks with colors those that are above and below the usual price of that trip.

On the other hand, the service automatically locates us and suggests flights from our city as soon as we enter the Google Flights website. We even have a direct link called " Explore destinations " with which we can see a map with different destinations and their lowest prices. A pretty good option if we are not too clear about where we want to fly.

How to use Google Flights

how to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020 search

When we enter Google Flights we find a very simple main screen. We have a first bar in which we can configure destinations and dates, as well as the number of passengers and in which class we want to travel.

By default the departure city will be ours (where you have located us), but we can change it. In addition to the destination city we can put the search dates, if we want to go and return, how many passengers we are and if we want to go in Tourist, Business or First class.

If we put the city of origin and the city of destination first, by clicking on the dates we will see the price of the low flight each day . That is, in a single glance we can see if, for example, leaving a day earlier or later we can save a few euros.

how to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020 result

Already in the results screen we will have many options to filter and achieve our ideal trip. In the upper part we have direct access to a table of dates, in which we will see a calendar with the different prices . Thus, we can choose the day that is the cheapest for the trip, if we have flexible dates.

We can also see a graph with the prices, in case the trip we are looking for is for a longer time. We will see a chart with the price of several months. Finally, we can also access the nearby Airports, in case we are going to travel to a city with several airports and we want to see the price of the flights that go to another of those available.

how to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020 price level

Another option that we find very interesting is a small line located between outbound and return flights. In the case of example it tells us that "Currently prices are low". And if we click on Details, we will see a kind of meter that tells us if we are looking for plane tickets, it is a time when prices are cheaper than usual, if they are in the usual average or if they are more expensive than normal.

The truth is that Google Flights is full of small details that make the experience of using this service very satisfactory. For example, when we display the information of a flight we can see departure time, arrival time, airports, scale over time (if it has it) and even the approximate legroom that we will have if we choose that plane.

how to find cheap flights with Google Flights in 2020 space

Once the flights have been selected, we will see the options we have to book at those prices. Here they appear from the websites of the airlines themselves to travel pages such as Expedia or Rumbo.

We will also see, in the lower part, if the final price of the trip is lower, average or higher than usual. For the rest, we can activate a price tracking of the trip that we have configured and even share the data through email or social networks.

So, as you can see, Google Flights or Google Flights is a very interesting service to search and organize our air travel.