5 options for creating vacation calendars for employees

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When you work in a team - either in the same office or from home, each from a different computer - you have to keep track of many things . One of the most important, without a doubt, is vacations. The rest schedule of the entire team has to be taken into account, in order to organize the work well and know at all times what reinforcements we will have available. An interesting option is to control everyone's vacations from the same document, both in digital format , synchronizing everyone's information from a common calendar or even returning to the old formulas, printing a calendar to hang in the office, to always keep in mind the vacation periods in physical format. Today we want to help you with five different options for creating vacation calendars for employees . Do you want to start organizing yourself better? Well let's go!


1. Use Google spreadsheets

It's easy and it's fast. You can create a template. The image you see at the top will help you get an idea of ​​how it can be , but it is clear that for it to work for you you have to adapt it to your needs and modus operandi. In the first column, you have to add the name of all the employees and / or coworkers , and then add all the dates that interest you. If you are going to prepare the Christmas vacation calendar , you will have to add the months of December and January. The same with Easter and summer, which is the period in which almost everyone usually takes more days to rest. Create all the sections that you consider appropriateand add the information you consider necessary to organize yourselves (for example, if Silvia is missing and you need help, you can call Carlos and provide all the contact information so that no one has problems during the days of absence).

To all this, the only thing that you will have to do next is to mark the days that you take each one in a different color. The advantages of this calendar are several: first, that everyone will be able to see when each of your colleagues will be absent; secondly, that you can edit it yourself and make the corrections that you consider pertinent . For this, the person in charge of preparing the calendar will have to share the document with everyone and you will be able to access it.

2. Download an Excel template

If you prefer to use Excel, here is another interesting resource. From this page they offer us an Excel template to organize a vacation calendar. The truth is that it is very similar to the model that we recommended previously, although in this case you can only edit it through the Microsoft program . The advantage of this calendar is that it is perfectly updated to 2017 and that it is already fully configured. If you are not very agile when it comes to making data templates, in this case you will have everything done and it will only be necessary to enter the names and holidays of each of the members of your staff. You should know, of course, that in principle you will not be able to modify the document in the cloud and that you will not be able to share it and get everyone to see the changes in real time. However, if this resource works well for you, here it is ready to download .

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3. Create a calendar for Google Calendar

It is clear that the most practical thing for everyone, especially if you are users of Google products , is to create a holiday calendar to synchronize with Google Calendar . What will you get out of this? Well, very easy. First, that you will have the calendar always available to everyone from your mobile or from any device that you have synchronized. Second, that everyone will have access to the calendar . We tell you how. The first thing you have to do - as a calendar organizer - is access Google Calendar . Next, click on the Calendars button and choose the option to create one again. Give it whatever name you want: it can be, for example, Holiday Calendar 2017. 

When you have it created, all you have to do is share it with others. Enter the contact addresses of your coworkers and you're done. From this moment on, all team members will indicate the day they take vacation and the day of return , being able to mark all the days in which they will be absent. At the same time, they can make any indication, such as leaving a telephone for emergencies or giving another name of a colleague who can resolve any incident during their days away.

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4. Are you more comfortable with Outlook?

If you use Outlook as a tool to organize yourself, you may feel more comfortable creating a vacation calendar through this Microsoft program . In this case, all you have to do is open Outlook and get to work, because… did you know that you can also make calendars and share them? Click on Calendar Group> Create new calendar group . Give it a name that helps you identify it: Holiday Calendar 2017 Companyand then select all the contacts you have to share it with. If you have added the email addresses of your colleagues, you will have it very easy. The calendar will be shared and everyone can add the dates on which you are going to take vacations. Easy right?

holiday calendar print

5. A printable holiday calendar

If you are from the old school and you prefer to have a calendar hanging on your information panel or on the work table to keep up to date with everyone's vacations, perhaps it would be interesting that apart from making the digital calendars that we have previously proposed, also have made a calendar to print. We are going to propose some templates that you can easily use and modify from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel . For example, you have the Weekly Assignments calendar , a very colorful and practical option with which you can add the vacations of each of your colleagues week by week. You will have to print several sheets,But it can come in handy if you take vacations in your company for very specific periods: that is, in the summer months, at Christmas or at Easter. In this case you can modify it through Microsoft Word , so that you will not find too many complications.

But there is more. Here you have a perpetual calendar that you can use whatever year it is and that you can also modify in Excel , which is always much more practical when it comes to organizing topics and dates. We have also found a system to organize events  to edit in Excel that can help you add dates and names, as well as any other information or details that you should know. When you're done editing, all you have to do is print and hang. You can make copies so that all the classmates also have it in mind. You will see, in any case, that it is a template that can come in handy to organize a multitude of different tasks, apart from vacation calendars.

And you, how do you organize holidays in your office? Tell us your tricks in the comments below!