How to reduce lag in lag

Who has not succumbed to trying this fashion game? Yes, it is simple but it hooks. That is as long as you manage to overcome the lag barrier or the delay between user actions and game response. And it is that it is the great problem of this entertainment that it is being the victim of its own success by having more players than resources to offer a fluid and fun experience.

The lag or delay in the reaction of the game is usual due to the technical limitations of . And there are more players enjoying the title than the game servers can manage. Something that must be solved by their own managers . This limits things quite a bit when it comes to improving the experience , but there are several tricks to avoid the delay or reduce it as much as possible . These are: lag

Close all web browser windows

The first is to focus solely on . And, if we have a browser like Google Chrome , which tends to abuse the computer's RAM memory , it is possible that it will add more delay to the game. Therefore, it is best to use a single tab .

Disable extensions in Chrome and use incognito mode

Again, if we use the Chrome browser , it is advisable to make certain adjustments that can hinder the gaming experience. On the one hand there is the deactivation of Extensions . Those tools that can be used through this browser and that are useful at specific times, but that can consume computer resources and make our ball jerk . To do this, you just have to access the Settings menu from the upper right corner of the browser and click on the Extensions tab . Here it is enough to disable all those that are active and test how it affects the game. lag

The other step is to open a new incognito tab . A function that Chrome saves in its upper right menu, and that allows to simplify web browsing, avoiding the use of resources and reducing lag during games . Of course, you have to remember to close the previous tab, as we recommend in point one.

Close downloaders and antivirus

These are programs that take advantage of the bandwidth or Internet connection and, therefore, directly affect the gaming experience. That is why programs direct and torrent downloads (p2p) are an obstacle to . The same as the antivirus , which can hinder the correct functioning of the game, in addition to consuming resources and bandwidth. lag

Play with a low level of graphics

In this case we facilitate that the browser does not have to manage so many visual resources. Something that affects the lag of a lot . To do this, click on the cogwheel button and display the Graphics menu , choosing the low option to ensure the best performance, although the worst visual aspect.

Play without skins and with a black background

This is the most drastic option, but also one of the most effective . By eliminating the texture layer that defines the colors and images of our circle and the rest of the players, the game works more agile . This is also enhanced by the dark background , which removes the visual essence of the title, but speeds up its operation significantly. To do this, you just have to check the options No skins, No colors and Dark theme in the game settings menu . lag