Crash or hack? ING Direct does not open in the app or in the browser

Crash or hack?  ING Direct does not open in app or browser 1

If for a while you have tried to enter ING Direct both from the app and from the web, you have probably come across a strange message. Very strange. Everything indicates that the service of the Dutch bank is down, but the error that the website throws leaves doubts as to whether it could be a hack. Be that as it may, we will tell you what we know so far about this fall that is leaving thousands of users unable to access the mobile application or its website.

The difference with other falls that we have been experiencing in recent months ING Direct users are the error messages. Especially annoying can be the app, which when you open it and enter your data, it throws you the following message “ In order to access you need the latest version of the app in the Google Play market. If it is already up to date, write to [email protected] or call us at 91 206 66 66 ".

ING Direct app failure

It is strange that it does not update automatically, but when you go to Google Play you find that you have the latest version installed and there is no option to update.

web page failure ing

Neither does access through the Dutch bank's website work. In fact, the message that appears here is even more disturbing. When trying to enter, the browser displays a page that warns that the connection is not private and that hackers may be attacking this domain to steal your personal data. Refreshing the page you get another error message in which it is warned that the web cannot provide a secure connection.


As can be seen in the graph of errors in real time of Downdetector (this tool uses the error reports sent by users), the problem with ING has been occurring since around one thirty in the afternoon and continues in these moments. We will have to wait for the next few minutes to see if the ING problem is solved and if the company reports that it is indeed a crash or a large-scale computer attack.