Satisfyer Pro, we tested the technology behind the best-selling erotic toy

Satisfyer Pro, we tested the technology behind the best-selling erotic toy 1

Satisfyer, a German-born sex toy company, has achieved what probably no other in the history of sex toys has: democratized vagina vibrators. Its flagship product, the Satisfier Pro 2 , has burst onto the market in such a way that it has become the best-selling vibrator in the world. The invention comes as a "clitoris sucker" whose mechanism "is capable of reaching orgasm in just a few minutes." Is it really the panacea when it comes to vibrators? How does the suction mechanism work? Are you capable of making anyone who tries it reach orgasm? We see it below.

Construction: away from the traditional vibrator

If the Satisfyer Pro 2 is characterized by something, it is precisely because of its design. A design of 20 centimeters high, 9.6 wide and weighing 250 grams that is far from the traditional vibrator and whose main characteristic lies in its protection against water .

satisfyer pro 2 0

According to the company, the vibrator is capable of withstanding immersions in the shower or bath, and the truth is that under our tests it has been. And is that although Satisfyer does not indicate the type of resistance in the IP standard (IPX8, IP67 ...) , the body of the vibrator remains watertight at all times, in such a way that the entry of water inside is little less than impossible. In fact, the pleasure becomes even more accentuated "in the shower or with the wet vibrator" thanks to the vacuum created by the suction mechanism. This is what my partner indicates.

Regarding the appearance of the toy, it has a body made of polycarbonate in the shape of a penguin whose end houses the mouthpiece that transmits the vibrations of the motor to the clitoris. The mouthpiece, protected by a white rubber that helps transmit vibrations and create the suction effect that the device promises, is interchangeable , and removing it from the body is as simple as unscrewing the cap of a bottle.

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For the rest, the Satisfyer Pro 2 uses three buttons divided into two rubber buttons to prevent the entry of water whose functions are limited to turning the device on and off and exchanging levels (up to 11 in total). It also has two pins located in the lower part of the body that allow the device to be charged magnetically thanks to the base included in the original box.

More battery than any other erotic toy

One of the most recurrent doubts when it comes to getting an erotic toy of this type has to do with the autonomy of the device. Under our tests, the experience has been more than satisfactory . Also for its autonomy.

With regular use - not daily - the duration can be extended up to two weeks of use. A use that does not depend only on the frequency, but also on the intensity of the vibration that we apply at the different levels of the suction unit.

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Unfortunately the manufacturer does not provide the physical capacity of the battery , so we cannot make an exact estimate of the hours of use that the toy can provide. Regarding the charging of the device, this is done through the base that the box includes, a magnetic charging base whose end is based on a traditional USB type A , which makes it compatible with any mobile phone or tablet charger .

The charging time, of course, lasts up to 3 hours , although this may vary depending on the amperage and voltage of the charger. Any modern charger will be able to charge the Satisfyer Pro 2 in the estimated duration.

How it works: does it suck, vibrate or both at the same time?

Although the mechanism of the Satisfyer Pro 2 may seem somewhat complex when compared to the rest of vibrators, the truth is that it is only a motor that, unlike a traditional vibrator, transmits the vibrations to a rubber membrane. , which comes to be appreciated if we remove the interchangeable coating of the same material used to transmit vibrations.

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The rubber coating also helps to create a vacuum effect between the membrane that protects the motor and the nozzle of the device. But what is the real feeling that the device transmits? In the words of my partner, “it is a sensation that mixes suction with vibration”. Since the membrane does not touch the clitoris at any time, the mechanism invites you to play with the different levels of vibration without creating discomfort due to contact or irritation.

And what about Satisfyer's promise to orgasm? Although at first the sensation of sucking can come as a surprise to get out of the traditional vibration of a common vibrator, the truth is that in a short time you can reach orgasm without any problem, even multi-orgasm if you have already experimented with the sexuality previously.

My partner adds that “in just a couple of minutes you can reach the climax if you play with different levels of intensity: from less to more” . However, she recommends applying low levels of vibration if we have not yet experimented with the clitoris or it is too sensitive.

Durability, that great unknown

Again, information about the useful life of the product, as well as the motor and the battery, is conspicuous by its absence on the manufacturer's website. Unfortunately, experience after just a few weeks of use leaves serious doubts about the durability of the Satisfyer Pro 2 .

Just a month and a half after purchasing the Satisfyer Pro 2, the device's motor began to give problems , most of them related to the intensity of the vibration when playing at high levels (between level 6 and level 11 ). After a few seconds, the vibrator motor stopped completely , and the mechanism showed no signs of life until several minutes later.

Fortunately, the store where we bought the toy accepted its return and subsequent replacement without any problem. The bad news is that not a few users report a problem similar to this, which raises doubts about the reliability of the engine and the control of the toy's controls.

We do not know if the third version has managed to alleviate this problem. At the moment, the replacement unit has not given us any problems , so it is not ruled out that it is a faulty print run.

Conclusions and opinions of the Satisfyer Pro 2

After shelling everything that is behind a simple erotic toy, it is time to draw conclusions.

It is not for nothing that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is today the best-selling erotic toy in the world. The promise made by the manufacturer comes true: you can reach orgasm without much effort , even if you have never experimented with sexuality. But if we analyze the device from a purely technological point of view, the Satisfyer Pro 2 leaves some loose ends along the way.

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If we ignore aspects such as the durability of the toy, sections such as the load or the connectivity of the device leave a significant margin for improvement. Shorter loading times and technologies such as Bluetooth or WiFi that allow the device to be connected to an application through the mobile phone to play with the intensity remotely are some of the improvements that could be implemented in future versions of the Satisfyer.

It is true that there is a third iteration of the erotic toy, the Satisfyer Pro 3, which improves some of these aspects, but we still do not have wireless connections or fast charging. Nor can we ask for more for 30 euros , a price at which we can find the second version in most websites and online stores today.