How to make the joke Rajoy has left the group on WhatsApp

How to make the joke Rajoy has left the group on WhatsApp

We Spanish are like that. We like to face the most serious news with a touch of humor and yes, also with a bit of evil. With the triumph of the motion of censure over Rajoy , a new period in Spanish politics opens, full of uncertainty and with a heterogeneous government that represents one of the great challenges in the recent history of the country. But regardless of the seriousness of the moment, there is always room (even a little) for jokes. Perhaps you remember the joke that circulated on WhatsApp about the United Kingdom's progress with Brexit. Today we teach you to do the same with the already former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Rajoy's contact

This is a fairly straightforward process. The first thing you have to do is go to the phone contacts and create a new one. Inside the name of the same we recommend you to put "Rajoy leaves the group" . The most correct thing would be to write "Mariano Rajoy has left the group", but in our tests we discovered that sometimes the name was cut off when we shared it through a group or a contact. And sometimes it worked out well at first but then it cut off.

Once the contact is created, you can save it without entering any phone number or other information. If you want to give the joke more realism, we recommend adding a photo of the former president. After having it, you just have to go to one of the groups you have with your friends or family on WhatsApp and click on the clip button at the bottom . The option that interests us is Contact.

Send Rajoy as a contact on WhatsApp

Search your list for Rajoy, leave the group and then click on the green arrow at the bottom twice in a row. You will see the contact appear in the group with the full name and photo. Of course, keep in mind that if your contacts are using WhatsApp Web they will not see Mariano Rajoy's photo (they will only see it if they are using WhatsApp from their mobile).

Also, the grace of the joke is that any member of the group will be able to press the arrow that appears to the left of the contact to forward it to other groups or users.

Forward Mariano Rajoy's contact

Making the joke of Rajoy has left the whole group

But if you want to reproduce the complete sequence of what has happened in Spain, you always have the option of creating a new group called "Government of Spain" and adding to your favorite contacts. Once all the invited contacts are there, create a contact called “Mariano Rajoy” and share it. That the next to appear is "Pedro Sánchez" and then again "Mariano Rajoy has left the group." There are as many variations as your imagination dictates. You can use the Gurtel case, include the decisive vote of the PNV, the refusal of Albert Rivera ...

Complete joke of Rajoy leaves the WhatsApp group