Chromecast vs Amazon Fire, what differences are there and which one I buy

Chromecast vs Amazon Fire, what are the differences and which do I buy

Amazon Fire Stick TV and Google Chromecast are the two best devices that we can find on the market, to turn any TV into a Smart TV packed with functions. In this article we will focus on the differences and similarities that exist between Amazon's device and Google's, so that you are more clear about which one you should choose.

Amazon Fire Stick TV includes a remote that makes it easy to use

Amazon Fire Stick TV

Both the Amazon Fire Stick TV and the Google Chromecast are two small devices that offer excellent value for money , since it offers us a multitude of functions for a fairly tight amount of money.

Amazon Fire Stick TV has a very important advantage over its rival, and that is that it comes with a small remote control, which we can use to handle the device in a very comfortable way. In addition, it is a remote that works through Bluetooth technology, so you will not have problems, if something gets between the remote and the device itself.

Google Chromecast does not include any remote and we cannot connect any to it via bluetooth, so the only way to control this accessory is using our smartphone. This is because Google has designed this device to stream from our phone or tablet to our television.

google chromecast

Beyond the remote, there are hardly any differences in the design between the two devices. These are two accessories made of plastic that connect to an HDMI port of our television, and that require external power through a small source included.

Functionality and performance of both devices

Amazon Fire Stick TV is a completely autonomous device, which works through the Android operating system, although it has the Amazon Fire OS customization layer.

This means that a complete Android operating system is available to us , with access to a large part of the applications that have been designed for this platform. You can even use your Amazon Fire Stick TV as a small game console, thanks to the remote that is included with the device.

apps amazon fire tv

In other words, Amazon Fire Stick TV will allow you to enjoy the Android ecosystem on your TV quite completely.

On the other hand, Google Chromecast is a much less complex device in this aspect, it already has its interior we cannot find a complete Android operating system.

Google Chromecast requires a smartphone or tablet to work , since we could say that the only function that this device performs is to serve as a connection bridge between your phone or tablet, and your television.

Top Google Chromecast services

Most important services of Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is compatible with many interesting applications such as Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Rakuten TV, Sky and Filmin . However, we also find great absences like Movistar +.

Amazon Prime Video is a service that has not been available for this Google device for a long time, but finally the situation has changed, and since the end of 2019 we can already use it without any problem.

Beyond video streaming services, Google Chromecast also supports music streaming services, and even podcasts like Spotify, Tidal, iVoox, YouTube Music, and Deezer . We also found some games within the Android application store that are compatible with this device, as well as some applications such as Google Slides.

Google has an official website where you can check the list of all applications that are compatible with Chromecast.

Top Amazon Fire TV Stick Services

Top Amazon Fire TV Stick services

We now turn to see the list of applications and services, which we can use natively on an Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

This accessory developed by Amazon is compatible with a large number of video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar + and Rakuten TV . The YouTube application has also been available since the end of last year, after Amazon and Google have finally made up.

There are other services such as Sky and Filmin, which do not have a native application compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, we can use this device to access these types of services using a web browser, which means that we can also enjoy them, although the experience will not be as good as if we had an app.

Amazon Fire TV Stick also has applications for other services such as Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Deezer . One of the great absent is the iVoox application, although in this case we can also use the web browser built into the device to use this podcast service.

Identical price, which complicates the choice

So far we have seen that both devices have their advantages and disadvantages with respect to each other, so we might think that the price will be the deciding factor to opt for one of them.

Both Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast are sold for an official price of approximately 39 euros . That means that both devices are exactly the same price, unless we find a specific offer on one of them.

Fortunately, they are two very inexpensive devices, so many users will simply opt to buy both and get the best of each of them.

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Google Chromecast: final words

After looking at the similarities and differences that exist between these great devices, it is time to make an assessment and a final recommendation.

Amazon offers us a device that in general we can consider more complete than its rival, offering extra possibilities of use thanks to the small remote that is included. On the other hand, Google offers us a much simpler device, which we can control perfectly using a mobile phone or tablet.

We must also take into account the services that are available both in one case and the other, although as we have seen, Amazon Fire TV Stick has the great advantage that it has an integrated web browser , which will give us access to a large number of services, even if they do not have an official application.

Our final conclusion is that Google Chromecast is an ideal device for users who want to use it from the comfort of their mobile phone, to play mainly video or music content. On the other hand, Amazon Fire TV Stick is more recommended for users looking for something more advanced, with access to some extra functions compared to the Google device.

What is your opinion? Do you prefer the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV Stick?