SEUR customer service: telephone, contact and support email

SEUR customer service: telephone, contact and support email 1

It is one of the main courier companies that exist in Spain. In fact, together with Correos or MRW, SEUR is one of the carriers that monopolizes the most business. Specifically, 16.8% throughout the territory . The company is dedicated to distributing parcels, so it can send a package to any corner of Spain urgently.

If you usually buy through the Internet, it is most likely that a SEUR dealer has brought a package to your home . Because, in fact, there are many companies that offer their shipping services through this company.

What SEUR does on a regular basis, like most stores that order shipping, is to warn the recipient of the package of its arrival , both by email and SMS. In this way, it is much easier to ensure when we will receive it and agree to make a change, agreeing another day or time for delivery, if we are not going to be at home.

Looking for SEUR customer service numbers? Below, we offer you all the information about customer service telephone numbers, forms and contact channels to get in touch with this company with all agility.


SEUR customer service phone

The fastest way to find out the information about a package that has to be delivered is by calling SEUR's customer service . There is a general service that you can call and that is a 902 number, but from which you can request information about your package, as long as you have a code that can help you locate it. It is as follows:

902 10 10 10 The telephone service hours through this phone are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 . On Saturdays you can contact from 09:00 to 14:00.

SEUR store telephones

If you do not want to call the general number, which is also a 902 and will cost you money, you can make a direct call to the center that will distribute your package . To find it, we recommend you access the nearby store locator service.

In the form, indicate if you want to collect a shipment, make a shipment or make a return, and then indicate your postal code. You will get a list of all the SEUR stores closest to you and you will be able to contact them to make any inquiries you need. To obtain more detailed results, you also have the option to filter the search by morning hours, afternoon hours, night hours or if it is open on Saturdays.

In the results, you will see each of the telephones indicated, as well as all those centers that, despite not being specialist SEUR stores , also offer some type of package delivery or collection service. Customer service hours through these phones will be the same as that indicated for each store.


Contact SEUR customer service through the form

Another way to contact SEUR's customer service is through an online form . Too easy. All you have to do is access this section to fill in the different requested fields: email, name and surname, postal code, town and telephone. You have space to write what your query is (indicate any information about the shipment or next number that should be considered) and do not forget to indicate which department you are addressing.

Track your shipment online

If you have no problem picking up the package, you can do a quick follow-up through the system that includes SEUR's own website. Access this link to enter the identifier and you will immediately see where your package is and when you will receive it .

Contact customer service from your social networks

Like most companies, SEUR also offers its customers the possibility of contacting through social networks. You can do it through the main ones:

  • Facebook SEUR
  • Twitter SEUR