How to find nearby fee-free ATMs in ING Direct

How to find nearby fee-free ATMs in ING Direct

One of the main reasons why we choose one box or bank over another is the ease with which we can withdraw money from an ATM. Running out of money can be quite a serious problem and, on the street, we have at our disposal numerous ATMs that we can access. The problem comes when in the vast majority of these, the cash withdrawal service has a price. ING is a bank that, from the beginning, has offered a series of ATMs without commissions. But recent commission laws have made it downright complicated.

ATMs without commissions in ING

How to find a fee-free ATM at ING Direct

Withdraw money without being overcharged. An impossible mission whose tool that we present to you can save you from more than one trouble. It is a section of the ING page in which, based on your geolocation, it indicates the ATMs to withdraw money without commission. Expense 0. You just have to enter the ATM search engine. Now we show you how it works.

Upon entering, the website will ask you to know where you are. You must give it permissions so that it places you on the map. Once the map is loaded, different orange circles will start to appear. These circles enclose a figure, which refers to the minimum you must get to avoid paying commission.

How to find nearby fee-free ATMs in ING Direct 1

These figures are divided into three:

0 euros: in these ATMs you can withdraw any amount of money, without being charged a commission. They are the ATMs belonging to Banco Popular, Banca March, TargoBank and Banco Pastor. There is no minimum: if you want 20 euros you can get it without commission.

90 euros: in these ATMs you must withdraw, at least, 90 euros so that they do not charge you any commission. You can carry out this operation at the ATMs of Bankia and Bankinter banks.

200 euros: a higher amount you must withdraw at the ATMs of the rest of the national banks and savings banks if you do not want to be charged a commission.

Likewise, the tool also indicates those establishments where you can make use of Twyp Cash, the funds withdrawal service in DIA supermarkets.

With this practical tool, you will never again be without knowing where there are no-commission ATMs at ING .