How to use Android apps on any PC

How to use Android apps on any PC

There are times when we want to use any application that we have installed on the phone but through our personal computer, whether it is laptop or desktop. Today, some of the most important applications that we use on the device have their computer version. We have, for example, Instagram, WhatsApp or Telegram. But not all of us can use them on the PC. And even worse: What about all those games from the Play Store? What if we want to play a game of Clash of Clans or Toon Blast from the computer? Things get complicated.

Is there, then, the possibility of being able to use any Android application on our computer? The answer is yes. For this we will need an emulator installed on our PC.  We have opted for one of the best known emulators and that give the best results for this purpose: BlueStacks. We are going to tell you, step by step and in detail, how to install BlueStacks so that you can use any Android application on your PC. We started!

Download and install BlueStacks to use Android apps

To download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your computer, you just have to go to its official website. In this link you can download, completely free, version 3 of the BlueStacks emulator for Windows. You just have to press the button that indicates it. The BlueStacks download file has a weight of almost 270 MB, so if you have a slow connection you will have to be patient.

bluestacks 3 use android apps

Once downloaded in its entirety, proceed to install it. Follow the steps indicated by the installation tool . It is a very short and easy process that anyone can do. If you see that you are having problems installing the emulator, temporarily deactivate the antivirus, as it can detect that it is an intruder and reject it. Once the installation process is complete, the emulator will start to boot automatically: this first boot may take a while, depending on the performance of your personal computer.

How to set up and use BlueStacks 3

First, we must set the language in which we want to use the BlueStacks emulator. Next, we must link our personal Google account with the emulator, in order to be able to use our applications on the PC. If the interface sounds like something to you, you are right: the access design is nailed to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version. Complete access to the application: it will appear at all times that you are on an Android tablet .

When you have BlueStacks installed, let's get to the fun part: find and download the applications . Let's choose the game Toon Blast, a Candy Crush-style puzzle that is among the most popular games on the Play Store. To do this, put 'Toon Blast' in the search bar and press the yellow magnifying glass.

bluestacks toon blast

As soon as the application appears, click on download and let the program do. The interface, as we told you, is exactly the same as if we were on a tablet or mobile.

toon blast computer

Now, we will simply click 'open' and we can start playing Toon Blast on our computer , as we can see in the following screenshot.

toon blast catch

With BlueStacks you can do more things than use Android applications: if you look, below you have a series of icons with which we can open a map with our situation, take screenshots and even simulate that we shake the mobile: there are games that so they ask you.

That's how easy you can use Android applications on your PC. Just download and install a program and voila.