▷ Samsung Galaxy S10e, analysis and experience after a month of use

Samsung Galaxy S10e, analysis and experience after a month of use 1

your expert RECOMMENDEDDays before the 2019 Mobile World Congress, Samsung presented the new S10 line with three models up its sleeve, the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus and the one that concerns us today, the Samsung Galaxy S10e . The latter stands out for being the most contained model of the three, at least in terms of size. And it is that roughly, the S10e has the same characteristics as its older brothers. How does it behave in a real use scenario? Find out in our review of the Samsung Galaxy S10e after a month of use .

Data sheet Samsung Galaxy S10e

screen5.8 inches with Full HD + resolution, Dynamic AMOLED technology and 19: 9 ratio
Main chamber12 megapixel main sensor with Dual Pixel technology, variable focal aperture from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 and optical stabilization (OIS)

Secondary sensor with 123º wide angle lens, 16 megapixels, focal aperture f / 2.2 and optical stabilization (OIS)

Camera for selfies10 megapixel main sensor with Dual Pixel technology and f / 1.9 focal aperture
Internal memory128 and 256 GB of storage
ExtensionUp to 512GB via micro SD cards
Processor and RAM Exynos 9820 eight-core 8 nanometer

6 and 8 GB of RAM

Battery3,100 mAh with fast 15 W charging and fast and reversible wireless charging
Operating systemAndroid 9 Pie under One UI
Connections4G LTE Cat. 20, dual-band 802.11 a / b / g / n WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB Type-C 3.1
SIMDual nano SIM
DesignGlass design with Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and back

Colors: green, white, black and yellow

Dimensions142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 millimeters and 150 grams
Featured FeaturesFace unlock through software, physical fingerprint sensor, IP68 protection against water and dust, AR Emoji and dedicated chip for Artificial Intelligence
Release dateAvailable
PriceAround 540 euros

Premium design in a compact size, very compact

When we say compact we mean very compact, really compact. With a 5.8-inch screen in a size that does not reach 15 centimeters in height or 7 in width and a really light weight of only 150 grams, the Samsung Galaxy S10e feels really comfortable in the hand .

review samsung galaxy s10e 9

At no time have we been forced to use both hands to make use of its functions, which adapt perfectly thanks to One UI, the latest version of Samsung's customization layer, which we will talk about later. This is mainly due to the small frame that surrounds its screen, which is dominated by an island-shaped camera, and its front, which occupies more than 84% of the surface.

As far as construction materials are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S10e uses glass and aluminum entirely. Without fear of being wrong, we can say that the terminal has one of the best finishes of the entire high-end range , with a solidity that very few can boast. Robustness that is also assured thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection that the entire phone chassis enjoys.

review samsung galaxy s10e 10

Another of the highlights of its design has to do with the IP68 protection against water and dust . We have not tried to submerge the mobile in water, but if the certificate fulfills its mission, we should not have any problem that affects the integrity of the Galaxy S10e.

Finally, the color palette of the phone should be added . In the case of our unit, we are facing the Galaxy S10e in yellow, a color that, from our point of view, is intended for a younger audience. The rest of the shades range from classic black and white to a quite elegant emerald green that unfortunately we have not been able to taste.

The best screen in its range

Samsung has done it again. Year after year, the manufacturer chooses to integrate the best of the best in its high-end consumer range when it comes to screens, and the Samsung Galaxy S10e was not going to be less .

review samsung galaxy s10e 5

In summary, the terminal has a 5.8-inch screen with Full HD + resolution, Dinamyc AMOLED technology and a 19: 9 ratio . This is accompanied by compatibility with HDR10 + to play content in the aforementioned format and a brightness level that reaches 1,200 nits. How does all this translate?

In excellence. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10e is, along with that of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, the best panel on the market. Vivid colors, pure blacks, perfect viewing angles and a brightness level more than adequate for complex light situations where it hits the panel directly.

review samsung galaxy s10e 4

It is also worth noting its minimum brightness in low-light environments and the proper functioning of the automatic brightness , accurate in most cases and with a maximum brightness mode that is activated when the environmental sensor requires it.

Performs like a high-end, but not the best high-end

In the performance section, the Samsung Galaxy S10e leaves no doubt about its processing capacity and application execution.

galaxy s10e 6

The performance of the terminal both when opening undemanding applications and games that demand a high amount of graphics has been excellent . Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Feedly, Twitter and Facebook have been several of the applications that have put the Exynos 9820 of the Galaxy S10e to the test.

Samsung Galaxy S10e, analysis and experience after a month of use 2

Samsung Galaxy S10e score on Antutu.

The result? At no time have we noticed a drop in performance . Not even lag of any kind. The only problem we have had with the Galaxy S10e during our month of use has been derived from the famous XXU1ASE5 update. Sudden crashes issues, apps forcibly closed, and hangs on camera, Twitter, and WhatsApp. After four days of waiting, the terminal has returned to normal once we have installed the new update.

How about gaming performance? Again we refer to the previous sensations. Fluid experience at all times - although without being one of the best in a high-end range - even with a high level of graphic demand. In games like FIFA 19 and Asphalt 9 the terminal has not given us any kind of problem, although it is true that the FPS rate has not been the highest compared to that of the OnePlus 7 Pro or the Xiaomi Mi 9.

review samsung galaxy s10e 13

Maximum read and write speed of the UFS 2.1 internal memory.

For the rest, the mobile has given us an outstanding user experience, bordering on excellence. It is not one of the most electric that we have seen, but it has nothing to envy others such as MIUI or EMUI. Perhaps the highlight of Samsung One UI has to do with its ease of use and the large number of options that it integrates as standard .

Navigation adapted to one hand, menus with a font large enough for "small" screens and a multitude of options that take the experience of the system to another level, as is the case with Samsung DeX, the feature that allows us to turn the mobile into a computer connected the Samsung Galaxy S10e to an external monitor . Functionality that by the way we have taken advantage of to carry out this analysis with applications such as Adobe Lightroom, Telegram, Slack and Google Chrome.

Samsung DeX.

So what is the problem with the Galaxy S10e? Temperature management. On more than one occasion the terminal has reached a whopping 54º C in tasks that a priori do not imply a great load on the processor. Tasks like syncing WhatsApp backups or exporting multiple photos in Lightroom. It is true that it has been an isolated event, which does not mean that the mobile does not tend to heat up in situations where others do not usually.

Cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S10e

one ui samsung

Samsung One UI is today the most complete customization layer on the market, with a multitude of options. We leave you with several of the most interesting functions of the Samsung Galaxy S10e:

  • Wireless PowerShare to share the load via wireless charging
  • Blue light filter
  • Quick charge deactivatable
  • Samsung DeX to turn the mobile into a computer
  • Secure folder
  • Night mode
  • Edge screen
  • Touch sensitivity to adjust screen sensitivity
  • Customizable Bixby key with actions and apps
  • Game Launcher
  • Dual Messaging to use two WhatsApp accounts, Facebook, Instagram ...
  • Always on Display
  • One-hand use mode
  • Customizable gesture system

Solvent camera but behind the competition

From the Samsung Galaxy S8, the South Korean company bets on a type of sensor whose aperture varies depending on the level of brightness of the scene. In this new generation of Samsung Galaxy, the company once again opts for the same type of sensor , although this time we did not find a secondary camera that complements the functions of the main sensor.

galaxy s10e

Taking a look at the technical data of the camera, we find two sensors of 12 and 16 Mpx with variable focal aperture from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 in the case of the main sensor and f / 2.2 in the case of the sensor with a wide angle lens , with no less than 123 ° of maximum opening. The sensations that the Samsung Galaxy S10e cameras have transmitted us have been really positive, although again below its main competitors such as the Google Pixel 3a or the Huawei P30 Pro.

Daytime photographs

As far as the main sensor is concerned, the camera has a good level of detail that manages to shine during the day thanks to the scene optimizer that the application includes as an additional option. This mode adjusts the preferences of the camera to the conditions of the image, in such a way that we can obtain more vivid colors and a better treated lighting in situations with backlights and shadows. Nothing to complain about this during the day. Nor during the night.

Wide-angle camera photography

In low or low light situations, the main sensor uses the variable aperture to extract light from where there is none without resorting to night mode. And it is that today the terminal continues to have one of the brightest sensors on the market , with a focal aperture of maximum f / 1.5.

Photographs in portrait mode

How about night mode? Without being as good as the Google Pixel, its behavior is more than correct. Roughly, the application manages to get enough light at the cost of sacrificing aspects such as detail or noise , which we will not get rid of even if we resort to night mode. It is not the best night camera, without a doubt, but it has nothing to envy to other mobiles whose price range is similar.

Photographs at night

But if there is something that the Samsung Galaxy S10e camera shines for, it is precisely because of its second sensor, the wide angle. With 123º aperture, taking pictures with the second camera is a delight . In addition to capturing a large amount of information thanks to the field expansion, the secondary sensor manages to largely maintain the quality obtained by the main sensor, although it is true that in aspects such as the dynamic range it still leaves a lot to be desired .

Differences between main sensor and wide angle sensor

As for the portrait mode, a function that uses both cameras, the crop is correct, although it is well behind the Google and Huawei phones. With a blur that can be adjusted afterwards in the Camera application options, the processing still leaves some gaps to fill , such as hair or the separation between the different parts of the body (ears, fingers, beards ...).

Differences between night mode and normal photography

And what about the video? Sensations very similar to those of the cameras. Really good autofocus, more than decent stabilization in scenes with movement and the possibility of recording in 4K at 60 FPS and with HDR + quality. At night the sensor manages to maintain a good level of brightness, and options such as slow motion at 960 FPS manage to make the Samsung Galaxy S10e one of the best exponents in this regard.

Samsung Galaxy S10e video

Of the latter, by the way, it is worth noting its level of demand to activate the mode. Unless we keep the mobile on some surface, making videos at such a high amount of FPS will be a very impossible task . In this aspect, we will have to resort to traditional slow motion if we want to obtain videos in slow motion without any limitations.

Moving to the front of the phone, here the sensations are just as good as in the rear camera. With a single 10 megapixel sensor with Dual Pixel technology and f / 1.9 focal aperture, the Galaxy S10e has one of the best front cameras that we have been able to test during this 2019.

Photos with the front camera

Good aperture level for group photos and a level of brightness that is above most phones with such a high aperture. Also the level of detail is good, as well as the treatment of the image afterwards, far from the "beauty" filters that most customization layers usually apply as standard.

As the only point to criticize the front camera, its camera section, which predefines an individual mode that cuts part of the image to make us believe that the mobile has two front cameras.

We can alleviate this problem by selecting the wide aperture mode in the same camera section, although it is still annoying if what we want is to take a picture as quickly as possible. It also has 4K recording .

All camera modes of the Samsung Galaxy S10e

samsung galaxy s10 2 camera app

As we have mentioned before, Samsung has the most complete camera application available today. Proof of this are all the modes that the phone incorporates as standard.

  • Instagram mode
  • Food Mode
  • Night mode
  • Panoramic mode
  • Pro mode
  • Dynamic focus mode (portrait mode)
  • Photo mode
  • Video mode
  • Super slow mode (video recording at 960 FPS)
  • Slow motion mode (video recording at 480 FPS)
  • Quick Camera mode

All the camera options of the Samsung Galaxy S10e

samsung galaxy s10 camera app

Along with the camera modes, Samsung incorporates a multitude of options that allows us to alter the image parameters to take pictures according to our preferences.

  • Scene Optimizer
  • Composition suggestions
  • Flaw detection
  • Animated photos
  • Long press Camera to (Take a photo, Take a burst, Create GIF)
  • Save options (HEIF images, RAW copies, Super wide angle correction, Selfie shape correction)
  • Rear camera video size (UHD 60 FPS, UHD, FHD 60 FPS, FHD, HD)
  • Front camera video size (UHD, FHD, HD)
  • Advanced recording options (High Efficiency Video, HDR10 + Video)
  • Video stabilization
  • HDR Rich tone
  • Tracking AF
  • Pictures as in preview
  • Grid
  • Location tags
  • Camera modes
  • Shooting Methods (Press Volume Button, Voice Control, Floating Camera Button, Show Palm)
  • Quick start
  • Quick review

Biometrics: its weakest point

The biometrics of the Galaxy S10e has been one of the sections that most disappointed us in Samsung's high-end range, starting with fingerprint unlocking.

review samsung galaxy s10e 3

By having a physical sensor located on the right side of the device, access to it becomes really uncomfortable , forcing us to adopt a forced posture in the hand if we use the left hand and even the right hand. To this is added the sensor error rate, quite high if we compare it with other physical sensors of the last generation such as the Samsung Galaxy S9.

As for facial unlocking, despite the fact that it is quite accurate, the speed of recognition has little or nothing to do with that of other models such as the OnePlus 7 or even the OnePlus 6T. Yes, it is true that we can use it at night as long as we have some lighting, however, it has not been the fastest we have tested.

Borderline excellent sound and even better headphones

The multimedia section of a phone not only uses the screen, but also the sound. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10e, the general user experience has been very positive, we would even dare to say that it is the best in its price range .

review samsung galaxy s10e 2

In technical data, we are faced with two speakers with stereo sound and compatibility with Dolby Atmos . The sound, as expected, reaches a volume level above average, with nuances that do not saturate at any time even at maximum volume. Nuances, by the way, with very successful bass and medium and high frequencies that provide an extra definition in music that demands it.

But if there is something that shines above the speakers, it is the headphones included with the Samsung Galaxy S10e under the AKG signature. The maximum volume level exceeds, without fear of being wrong, that of any existing headset on the market, and best of all, without saturating at any time . Yes, it is missing more bass presence, but the good definition of the higher frequencies makes the AKG headphones the best headphones ever seen in a mobile .

dolby atmos samsung

To the entire set of sound is added the equalization application that Samsung includes in the system settings. It is not the most complete application but it does allow us to configure the different frequencies of the sound both when it comes to reproducing it through the mobile speakers and through the headphones.

Fair battery, very fair

The autonomy section, together with biometrics, make up the main negative points of the Samsung Galaxy S10e . Part of the blame for this is due to the theoretical capacity of the battery, which exceeds the 3,000 barrier by 100 mAh, for a total of 3,100 mAh.

galaxy s10e 7

Under our tests for just over four weeks of use, the total average screen hours was five . In most cases we have been forced to resort to the charger, from which we obtain quite acceptable figures. Figures that reach an hour and twenty for the total charge in case we make use of the fast charge .

The latter also achieves 50% of the charge in just over 30 minutes of connection. Again we emphasize the temperature problems of the phone when using fast charging . It is not something we have to worry about, but it is still something we can ignore.

battery samsung galaxy s10e

Regarding the use of the device, this has been based on the use of applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack, Feedly, YouTube, Gmail, Google Chrome . The camera has also been an important focus of use during the four weeks of testing the terminal.

How about wireless charging? Since we have not been able to make use of it as we do not have a wireless charger, we cannot make a value judgment on it. As a highlight to mention the compatibility with PowerShare, the feature that allows us to share the load with other mobiles through wireless charging .

Conclusions and opinions of the Samsung Galaxy S10e

We finally reached the conclusions after seeing the main points of Samsung's high-end mobile. Is it recommended for less than 600 euros? Without a doubt, yes.

galaxy s10e 5

Although it is not the perfect mobile, we can say that the Galaxy S10e is one of the most complete phones on the market In a few words, we find one of the best multimedia sections of 2019 , with a screen and sound that, under our point of view is above the rest of the high-end models.

To this are added aspects such as compatibility with Samsung Dex , the versatility of its cameras and, of course, the size of the device, which is accompanied by a premium finish . Arguments that, in general, make the Samsung Galaxy S10e one of the most interesting and recommended mobiles of 2019.

In case we prioritize aspects such as battery life, screen size or unlocking the terminal, opting for higher brand models such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 + is the smartest option if we prefer to stay in line with Samsung Galaxy S.