How to buy in online stores in the United States from Spain

How to buy in online stores in the United States from Spain

Surely there are many products from online stores in the United States that you would like to get in Spain: toys, books, clothing, footwear or even makeup ...

Buying in online stores in the United States from Spain can be a real odyssey, since many companies do not offer shipping to Europe or do so with exaggeratedly high expenses. However, there are more interesting solutions than asking friends or acquaintances to bring us the products of their trips to the United States.

The best solution to make this type of purchase is to hire one of the "shopping mailboxes" services with shipping to Spain .

The operation of all of them is based on the same idea: they assign you a mailbox at a real address in the United States , to which you can send all the packages of your purchases online. Afterwards, you request that they put all the products together in a single package and send it to Spain.

The main advantage of this system is that it allows you to save a lot on shipping costs because several purchases are combined in a single package.

How shipping services from the United States to Spain work

In these types of companies, getting your address in the United States is free, but you will have to pay for additional services , such as “consolidation” (joining several packages into one), receiving photos of products, etc.

You can also request that they fill out the customs document from the company , paying a small supplement. You can also do it on your own for free.

Perks such as consolidation or additional product photos are typically available to paying members only , in installments paid monthly or annually.

Another important detail that you should know about consolidation is that companies charge a certain amount for each package they put together in the final box. For example: if you buy three packages from three different online stores, you will have to pay a small amount for each of the three to put them together in the final shipping packaging.

Therefore, using this type of service is only profitable from an economic point of view if you plan to buy enough things, and if you group purchases of several products from the same store . This way you receive fewer packages to your address in the United States and you can save money on their management and consolidation.

Precautions you should have when buying online in the United States

When making this type of purchase using the services explained, you must make sure that you correctly fill in the document with customs information of the package that you are going to send to Spain .

The companies that manage your packages are not responsible in any case for the management of customs payments if necessary.

Additionally, most of these services have restrictions on shipping lithium battery or tech products . Find out directly from the company before making one of these purchases.

Logically, you will also find prohibited items , such as pyrotechnics or products that are highly flammable. Any of these products that you ship to your US address will have to stay there, as they will refuse to ship it to you by mail or courier.

Finally, it is always recommended that you take out insurance with the shipment you make to Spain, with which you can claim and get your money back in case your package is lost or damaged.

Ship products from the United States to Spain with Shipito


Shipito is one of the most popular services for getting a free shipping address in the United States. You can choose between having your mailbox in California or Oregon , depending on the type of benefits you are looking for:

  • With the Oregon address you are more likely to find cheap prices on products from online stores because there are lower taxes.
  • In California you will have the advantage of reducing the shipping costs of your packages to Spain.

Registration with Shipito is free. Once you complete your information and select your address, you can start shopping in online stores . In any of the businesses where you buy products, you will simply have to ask them to send them to that specific address.

Once you have grouped several packages, you can request that they be consolidated (that is, that they put them together in a single box to send it to Spain). The only consolidation is available to paying members : $ 10 a month or $ 50 a year.

Compared to other cheaper services, Shipito has the advantage of offering a longer storage time for your packages before shipping . If you buy in an online store and send the products to Shipito, they will be able to stay there for 180 days (6 months), so you can continue making purchases in other stores without haste.

Buy online in the United States with myUS

Another very popular service for these types of purchases is myUS. Its main strength is that it has cheaper payment rates: the basic one is worth 7 dollars a month and the consolidations are included in the price.

myus shop online

In addition to the postal address in the United States, myUS offers a browser extension that helps you make purchases online by taking advantage of offers so that you can then send the products to Spain using its service.

Planet Express, for cheaper shipping

Although Planet Express' user rates are almost identical to Shipito's, the main advantage is that the prices for shipping the final package from the United States to Spain are much lower.

planet express united states

Therefore, even if you pay supplements for services such as consolidation, the savings are in the courier delivery of your final box to Spain.