How to upload GIF files to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

How to upload GIF files to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

GIFs are special files, containing many moving images, thus simulating a small video. These types of files have become very popular among users to represent all kinds of memes and humor in general. In this article we explain how you can upload GIF files to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .

How to upload GIF Facebook

Facebook is a social network that allows the use of files, although it does not allow uploading them directly to the platform. This means that if you directly upload a GIF that you have on your computer to Facebook, it will appear as a simple static image.

However, we can use a very simple trick, which is to share the GIF file using a link from some platforms specialized in uploading images to the Internet such as Giphy, Tumblr and Imgur.

In this case we will use imgur because it is a very simple platform to use, and it works really well to share these types of files. The first step will be to access the official Imgur website, and select the file we want to upload.

gif on facebook 1

Once we have already uploaded our GIF to imgur, we just need to get link to share it via Facebook.

gif on facebook 2

The next step is to access your Facebook profile and paste this link to share the GIF on the most popular social network. Once the GIF has finished loading, you can delete the link text so that only the image appears in the post.

gif on facebook 3

Facebook works with a system that needs to cache images before displaying them, so it may take a few seconds or minutes before it is displayed. This can be avoided by uploading the file to the Facebook content debugger first, so that it is perfectly cached when you go to share it.

How to share a GIF on Twitter

Twitter is a much friendlier platform than Facebook with GIF files , so you can upload them directly without having to go through an image storage service like imgur first.

all you need to do to share a GIF file on Twitter is click on the " Add Photo " button with a photo icon that you will find when making a new tweet.

gif on twitter 1

A new window will open that you can use to select the file you have stored on your computer or smartphone. Select it and the file is ready to publish . You can add a short description, a comment, hashtag, emojis, and even tag friends.

gif on twitter 2

How to upload a GIF to Instagram

Instagram is another social network very unfriendly with GIF files, in fact, it does not allow them natively. Yes, you can upload a GIF file to Instagram, although it will be shown as a simple static image.

However, we can resort to a very simple trick, which consists of converting the GIF into a small video clip , in this way we can upload it to Instagram, making it keep the movement.

Video Online Converter is a free and very easy to use tool that we can use to convert GIF files to video. You just have to access its official website, upload the file you want to share, and then it will provide you with a link to download the file converted to video.

gif on instagram 1

gif on instagram 2

The next step will be to download the video clip from your email, and upload it to Instagram like any other video .

Our article on how to upload GIF files to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ends here. As you can see, it is a fairly simple process, although not as easy as we would have liked.