Mega, differences between the free service and the paid service

Mega, differences between the free service and the paid service 1

Although its popularity has dropped since its launch, Spain remains the world's number one country for Mega traffic . This network file saving service takes the witness of the defunct Megaupload , and allows users to store up to 50 GB of space for free. This is the main attraction of the popular Kit Dotcom platform , as it far exceeds the capacity of other services of this type such as Dropbox or Google Drive . So what are the reasons that can lead a user to opt for a payment option? We will tell you the main differences between Mega's free service and the different payment options.

To begin with, it should be noted that normally the 50 GB of free space will be more than enough on a personal level to use this service. Although the paid versions significantly expand the available capacity (up to 4 TB of space), the main reason to bet on one of these services will be to have a higher bandwidth , which will allow you to take advantage of faster Internet connections to download and upload the files. Nor is the size of the files uploaded to the network a compelling reason to opt for a paid version, since Mega does not put any kind of limit in this regard, unlike other services such as Dropbox or SkyDrive.

Mega, differences between the free service and the paid service 2

The company Kit Dotcom offers three different payment plans. The first of them is the Pro I plan that increases the available space to 500 GB , in addition to allowing a bandwidth of 1 TB . The price of this service is 10 euros per month or a subscription of 100 euros per year. The second of the payment options is called Pro II and increases the capacity to 2 TB . The bandwidth reaches 4 TB. The prices of this plan are around 20 euros per month or 200 euros per year. Finally, the most advanced option isPro III, with 4 TB of space and a bandwidth that reaches 8 TB . The price of this option is 30 euros per month or 300 euros per year.

While waiting for Mega to incorporate new options (remember that it has still been in the market for less than a month), the purchase of an account with this service is very oriented towards the world of companies and professionals who need to store a lot of data. The founder of Mega has tried to shield this service so as not to leave loopholes that could lead to a situation similar to that of Megaupload . Some of these measures include the encryption of the data contained in Mega , so that only users can access their personal files (in case of loss of the key there is no way to recover the files).

This is the reason why Mega claims not to have developed the ability to preview images in gallery form or watch videos. A little less than a month after its launch, Spain continues to be the country with the highest number of uploads and downloads through this service , which has seen its popularity decline with the passing of days. Perhaps waiting for new features that are more attractive.