Denon ASD-3W - Thorough

Denon ASD-3W - Deep 6

Music, photos and videos in the living room and without cables. This dish of the XXI century is able to show on TV in the living room photos and videos of the iPod and play on the stereo all their songs . But there is more. The invention communicates by Wi-Fi or by computer cable ( Ethernet ) with any home computer or with some network hard drives. So we can play your multimedia files (music and photos, for now) on TV and the hi-fi system in the living room (for example). Finally, if we have access to the InternetFrom our computer network, the invention has the ability to collect the more than 7,000 radio stations that operate on the Internet.

This is how this Denon ASD-3W is presented to us , an invention that we already saw in passing in February . And all this is put at our fingertips through its small remote control. In this review we detail the pros and cons that we have found during our tests with this Denon team , which in general has left us an excellent impression.

Denon ASD-3W - Deep 6

Elegant circular design

This Denon ASD-3W presents a discreet and at the same time elegant design . Available in a glossy black or white finish , this 12-centimeter diameter circular deck plays iPod files while recharging its battery. In addition, it has a slot behind to place the remote control.

Denon ASD-3W - Deep 6The invention does not have built-in speakers , hence it is considerably smaller than other iPod docks on the market. But it has the objective of becoming one of the audiovisual sources in the living room thanks to its ability to interact with the rest of the equipment we have at home . In addition, a source that provides the sound quality that characterizes the equipment of an elite hi-fi firm like Denon .

Versatility and comfort

This Denon turntable can communicate with other equipment in a number of ways. It has an S-Video output to connect it to the television. Thus, on the one hand, it shows us the system menus, on the other the photos and videos that we have saved on the iPod . The stereo audio outputs are fitted with the standard hi-fi connector (two RCA). Inserting the iPod into its slot, we can explore their inner folders with the remote control and watch them full screen, playing the songs, photos and videos stored in its memory.

If what we want is to see and listen to the files that we have on other computers , we can communicate the equipment both through the Ethernet port and through Wi-Fi . Also aided by the remote control , we scan the folders and playlists that we have created with Windows Media Player 11 or iTunes on the living room TV . The pity is that, in this case, we can only take music and photos. It is not possible, at the moment, to watch the videos from the computer on the television.

In addition to this, and once we have connected it to the Internet , the equipment is capable of receiving the signal from Internet radio stations . Without the need for us to have any other home computer on or connected, since the Denon ASD-3W works as if it were another terminal within our home network .

Denon ASD-3W - Deep 6

Who is it for?

For the fan who appreciates the quality of the equipment and who, in addition, wants all the multimedia options in their living room. An amateur who, on the other hand, is looking for a discreet device that allows him to play everything that is inside his iPod and conveniently distribute MP3 music without cables throughout the house .


It provides good sound for the iPod and has the appeal of playing music from your computer wirelessly , with the convenience of controlling everything from the living room screen and with the remote control . In addition, we can connect it to both a TV and a stereo equipment and it maintains a price of240 euros , quite reasonable for the number of functions it can perform .

Denon ASD-3W - Deep 6


The main but of the Denon ASD-3W is that, to get the most out of it, you have to connect it to the home computer network. That, on some occasions and depending on how it is configured, could give some problems when configuring it .

Data sheet

Multimedia optionsPlayback from iPod: Music, photos and videos

Playback from home network: Music and photos

Internet Radio: + 7000 stations

Weight and measurements280 grams

12 centimeters in diameter and 43.8 in height

ConnectivityEthernet port

Wi-Fi antenna (IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g)

IPod dock (3 adapter plugs supplied)

S-Video out

Stereo Audio Outputs (RCA)

Take Dock Control

ControlsRemote control

Menu display on TV

Supported formats MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, JPEG
Compatible programs

Windows Media Player (11 or later)

iTunes (DRM-free files only)

Price240 euros
+ infoDenon