50 useful keyboard shortcuts to master Photoshop

50 useful keyboard shortcuts to master Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing and retouching programs in the world. It allows making from small changes in the images to letting the imagination fly. However, it is not easy to fully master a program of this size. For this reason, there are many who usually look for tutorials to do the different jobs they need. However, we can always work faster if we know some of the keyboard shortcuts that Photoshop offers us .

The keyboard shortcut is a key or set of keys that performs a previously defined action . For example, a very simple one, to create a new document in Photoshop we can go to File and then click on New. But this action has its corresponding keyboard shortcut, which is none other than pressing Control + N.

Photoshop has hundreds of keyboard shortcuts. It's almost impossible to know all of them, so let's go through 50 useful keyboard shortcuts to work faster in Photoshop .

Basic shortcuts

Let's start with some basic shortcuts. It is likely that if you use Photoshop you already know them, but it does not hurt to remember them.

Ctrl + NCreate new document
Ctrl + OOpen document
Ctrl + WClose current document
Ctrl + "+"Zoom in on the image
Ctrl + "-"Zoom out the image
Ctrl + 0Fit image to screen size
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Alt + ZUndo step back
TabulatorHide or show the panels (thus leaving the image full screen)
Ctrl + TFree transformation
Ctrl + RShow or hide rulers
Ctrl + TabNavigate Open Images in Photoshop
Alt + Shift + Ctrl + SSave for web (widely used if you have a blog)
D and CSwitch between background and default colors


Many of the most common Photoshop tools have their own keyboard shortcut. A quick way to open the brush or any other option.

HHand tool (ideal for moving the image when we have applied zoom)
BBrush tool
VPointer Tool
WMagic wand
MRectangular selection frame
JHealing brush
GPaint bucket
S Cloner buffer
OR Overexpose


To work with Photoshop you have to know how to master layers. Their importance means that they have a large number of keyboard shortcuts for handling them. These are some:

Shift + Ctrl + NNew layer
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + NNew layer without dialog (create a new layer without showing us the dialog to name)
Ctrl + JNew layer via Copy
Shift + Ctrl + JNew layer via Cut
Ctrl + Shift +]The selected layer moves to the top
Ctrl + Shift + EMerge visible layers
Ctrl + Alt + ASelect all layers
Ctrl + IInvert the layer colors
QActivate the quick layer
F7Show or hide layers window

Work with images

Photoshop is the leading program for retouching images, so there are many keyboard shortcuts designed for this task. Here are some of the most interesting:

Ctrl + BColor balance (opens the dialog for modifying color settings)
Ctrl + UHue / Color Saturation
Ctrl + Shift + UDesaturate color
Ctrl + Alt + IResize image
Ctrl + MColor curve adjustment
Ctrl + LAdjust color levels
Ctrl + 1Expand to 100%

These are just a small sample of the hundreds of shortcuts that Adobe Photoshop has . If you know all of them, we invite you to take a look at the official Photoshop help page. We have tried to collect those that we think are most important to the daily work of many users. Do you know any basic that we have left? Put it in comments.