This is how dark mode is activated for and the old Hotmail

This is how dark mode is activated for and the old Hotmail is the new Hotmail. Users who until now have remained loyal to Microsoft email, but the truth is that in recent times, there have been substantial migrations and changes. Now, almost month by month, we have to talk about interesting news. Improvements that make the operation of the tool easier and more comfortable.

Now the email inbox and the old Hotmail have a new feature: dark mode . A new layer that instantly darkens the email inbox and allows users to enjoy more pleasant management. But, would you know how to activate it?

If you are a regular user, we recommend that you follow these steps to activate dark mode in a couple of steps . You will see how easy it is!

outlook dark mode

Instructions to enable dark mode in

Are you sure you want to activate the dark mode? You can do it by following these steps:

1. The first thing you have to do to activate the dark mode in is to access your account. To do this, you must enter your username (the email address you use) and password.

2. It is very possible that as soon as you access it, if you have not seen it before, a window will appear in which you will be told that the beta version of has been updated with the latest proposals submitted by users . You can press the Test it button directly.

3. But if you have not yet activated the beta version of this email, you will need to do so. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate the dark mode in any way .

outlook dark mode

4. Take a good look at the top right of the inbox and the old Gmail. Here you will see a little switch that says Outlook beta version . Make sure it's blue.

5. The next thing will be to go to the Settings section . You just have to click on the gear icon, which is right next to the question mark and the Skype icon.

6. Here you have the Quick Settings. Just below the themes that you can choose for your email inbox, you have the Dark Mode option . As soon as you flip the switch, your inbox will go dark and you can start using it like this.


Dark Mode in

Dark mode already landed on in October last year, on the occasion of Halloween. She did it temporarily. Now it comes in a more definitive way , with a much more serious and careful style, which will allow users to enjoy their email and do so in a healthy way.


Many users complained of the feeling of fatigue caused by using such a white screen . As Microsoft has explained, dark mode is one of the most requested features by users of Microsoft's webmail service.

Thus, to achieve an effective dark mode, Microsoft was in charge of fine-tuning the colors and tones, with the aim of achieving a more pleasant experience for all those who spend long hours in front of the computer. At the moment, the dark mode is only available for the classic version, the one with the blue theme. It is expected, however, that later each and every one of the existing themes will have their own dark mode.