How to customize and change Windows 10 icons


Tired of the look of Windows 10? Or is it too boring for you? Windows 10 is a fairly customizable operating system in its aesthetics. One of the options it offers us is to modify the icons of the operating system and applications. We explain how to change the icons in Windows 10 to give the operating system a much more personalized look.

How to change Windows 10 icons

Changing the icons in Windows 10 is very simple, we only need to access the system configuration application. There are several ways to get in here, although we like to make things as easy as possible. To do this, the first thing is to click with the right button of the mouse on the desktop, once the menu opens, we enter " Personalize ".


You will come to a window that will look familiar to you. The next step is to enter " Topics " and then on the right side of the screen enter " Configuration of desktop icons ".


Once inside, a window will appear showing all the icons that we can modify in a very simple way. We only need to mark with the mouse and icon that we want to change, and then click on " Change icon ".


A window will open with all the icons available in the operating system. Select the one you like and click " OK" to set it.


You can also change the folder icons . To do this, look for the folder that interests you, click with the right mouse button on it and enter "Properties". Once inside, go to the "Customize" tab and click on "Choose file." You just have to accept.

How to customize and change Windows 10 icons 5

This is what the folder with the custom icon looks like, you can put any icon you want, as long as it is an .ICO file.

How to customize and change icons in Windows 10 6

How to add new icons to Windows 10

Tired of all the icons that come with Windows 10? The truth is that their designs are not the most attractive , so many users miss an aesthetic more in line with current times. Microsoft has renewed the Windows icons several times, but they have not come up with a design that users fall in love with.

Luckily, Windows 10 also offers us the possibility of using custom icons , which we can download from various websites. One of the most popular is Iconarchive. Once inside the website, look for the icon pack that interests you and then click on the option to download it.

You can select between several file formats, in this case we are interested in .ICO, which is the one that Windows 10 recognizes as system icons. You can download the file in PNG format if you want to use it as a normal image, but it will not serve as an icon.


Other websites offer you the ability to download icon packs. When the download is finished, you will find a compressed file containing all the icons in the pack. You simply have to extract them in a folder that you have located to look for them later. Make sure to copy the files in an .ICO format so you can use them without problems.


After that , you will be able to select the new icons in the previous step. Remember that it is only compatible with files that have the extension .ICO, other image formats are not compatible with Windows 10 icons.


This is how the icon of This team looks in this case:


What do you think about the option to customize the Windows 10 icons? Now you can surely make your PC look much more attractive.