▷ How to unarchive and recover archived emails in Gmail

How to view and retrieve archived emails in Gmail 1

Like WhatsApp and Telegram, Gmail allows us to archive certain emails and conversations to clean the inbox and thus optimize our workspace. The option in question is found by right-clicking on the email or conversation in question and clicking on the Archive option. We can also resort to the Archive icon that will appear if we leave the mouse date  on the aforementioned. But, what happens if what we want is to see and recover the emails archived in Gmail? We recently showed you how to block spam in Gmail. This time we will teach you how to recover the emails archived in Gmail.

Where are the emails archived in Gmail: how to unarchive an email

If in messaging or email applications such as the ones we mentioned above we find a specific section for archived emails, in Gmail there is no folder for emails that are archived ; not even in the Recycle Bin. This is the reason why we are forced to resort to methods different from those of the other services.

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To unarchive an email from Gmail, the process is as simple as using the search engine on the page or application itself . We will only have to write the subject or the sender of the email and it will automatically appear as if it were a common email.

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In case we do not remember the sender or the subject of the email, another way to proceed is based on accessing the Everyone folder of Gmail, which we can find if we click on More in the side panel of the application. Once we have found the archived email, it will be shown with an Archive icon in gray. To restore the email we will only have to right click on it and select the option to Move to Received .

recover archived gmail

We can also move the mail to other folders if we click on Move to. In any of the options we choose, the email will appear as if it had never been archived from our inbox.