The solution when the mouse does not work on your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop

The solution when the mouse does not work on your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad is a series of computers that is very popular due to the high manufacturing quality that these devices present, as well as other very interesting additions that are not found in other models, such as the joystick. In this article we explain how you can solve in a very simple way, the problem that prevents the mouse from working when it is connected to your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop .

Check Touchpad Settings with Windows 10

All modern laptops, including of course the Lenovo ThinkPad, come with a touchpad configuration tool , which we can use to configure in a very simple way, we want both the touchpad and the mouse to be connected, when we have both devices connected to the computer. .

This means that we can configure our Lenovo ThinkPad, so that the touchpad stops working automatically when we connect a USB mouse. We can also configure it so that the computer continues to work with the touchpad, and not with the mouse that we have connected, something that can be very useful if we do not want to connect and disconnect the mouse every time.

Windows 10 makes managing a laptop's touchpad and mouse easier than ever. To modify the behavior of these peripherals, we only need to access the Windows 10 " Settings" menu. This menu is perfectly accessible using the gear-shaped icon that you will find in the Start menu.

Lenovo ThinkPad not working mouse 1

Once inside the Windows 10 configuration application, you must go to the " Devices " section, and then click on " Touch Panel ". You will find an option, which allows you to select if you want the touchpad of your Lenovo ThinkPad to remain active or not, when you connect a USB mouse to the laptop.

If the option we indicated does not appear, click on " Additional mouse options " and look for it inside.


Use Lenovo software to configure the mouse

Lenovo also makes available to users of its ThinkPad quite complete software, which allows you to manage the mouse and touchpad settings of the computer.


Use the Lenovo ThinkPad joystic as a mouse

The joystick is one of the most characteristic elements of the Lenovo ThinkPad series. It is a small device, usually red , this is usually placed in the center of the computer keyboard, and used to control the pointer as if it were a mouse.

Lenovo ThinkPad joystick

You can even use this little joystick, whether the touchpad and mouse you have connected to your Lenovo ThinkPad have stopped working for some reason. In this way you can continue using the configuration tools of the equipment to try to solve the problem.

Use the key combinations to activate and deactivate the touchpad of your Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks also allow you to activate and deactivate the touchpad integrated in the computer using a combination of keys. Generally the combinations Fn + F5, Fn + F6 and Fn + F8 are used . If these combinations do not work on your model, you can consult the official manufacturer's manual for more information.

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