How to make Ares download faster

How to make Ares download faster

Ares is one of the oldest programs that we can find to download all kinds of files from the Internet. It is a very similar program eMule, which has lost much of its popularity, but still continues to see a large number of users who use it. We explain some very simple tricks you can use to make Ares download files faster.

Why keep using Ares

The rise of direct downloads and torrent networks has caused other download programs such as Ares and eMule to no longer have the importance they had at the beginning of the century.

However, these programs are still very valuable to some users. The main reason to keep using programs like Ares and eMule is that they have a huge catalog of files. This means that with these programs we can download content, which is not available on other file download platforms.

Unblock Ares in the Firewall

The first thing we recommend you do is that you allow Ares to access your network through the Windows firewall. This option appears when you install the Ares program.

ares firewall

Close programs that consume bandwidth

All Internet connections have limited bandwidth, so the more programs we have downloading data, the less bandwidth will be available for our downloads.

Among the programs that consume the greatest amount of bandwidth, we find streaming video platforms such as YouTube or Netflix , as well as music streaming services such as Spotify , and video game downloads with Steam and other similar applications.

Assign maximum bandwidth to Ares

The next step is to configure Ares, so that it uses all the available bandwidth of our Internet connection, without any limitation.

To do so, you just need to click on the Ares Control Panel section. Next, enter the " Downloads " tab , and put the value 0 in the two boxes that are within the bandwidth section.

ares bandwidth

Start Ares automatically

Ares is a download program that is based on a P2P system, which means that files are shared between all users, and the program must be put in a kind of virtual queue, to start downloading data packages.

start ares automatically

The sooner Ares starts up, the sooner it will get into this virtual queue , and the sooner it will start downloading your files. For this reason, we recommend that you configure this program, so that it starts automatically when you turn on your computer.

Set the correct port

Another very simple trick, but which seems to work quite well, is to configure the correct Ares port. 23441 is the port the company recommends that we use. For this reason our recommendation is that you try to use this port, to see if the downloads are accelerated.

You will find station within the same " Downloads " tab that we have seen previously within the Ares control panel.

correct port in Ares

Restrict simultaneous file downloads

Another common mistake made by users of download programs like Ares and eMule is that they configure the program to download a large number of files at the same time.

In this case the situation is very similar to what we have explained before. The bandwidth of our Internet connection is limited, so if you have to spread over many files, all of them will download more slowly.

For this reason, we recommend that you limit the number of simultaneous downloads to no more than 3 .

limit simultaneous downloads