List of the best online stores in Spain

List of the best online stores in Spain

The sale of online products continues to grow in our country. We are already many users who buy practically everything through the network. That is why every day there are more and more online businesses of all kinds. Perhaps if you are reading these lines you know perfectly the main technology stores, but today we can buy any product online. From clothing to accessories, through furniture or beauty items. So, we wanted to collect the 12 best online stores that sell in Spain .

We have made the selection based on the traffic, the products, the guarantees it offers and the opinions of the customers. Obviously they are not all, it is only a small selection. As we said, the current list of online stores is really large . We started!


best online stores espana amazon

Let's start with the giants of online sales. Of course, Amazon had to be on the list. And it is that few online stores can offer the Amazon service. A store where we can find practically everything.

In addition to the pure sale of products, Amazon has multiple extra services for the customer. We are talking, for example, about Amazon Prime Video or the recent Amazon Pay. But if you want to know in depth all the Amazon services, here we tell you what each one consists of.

However, one of the great advantages of Amazon is its logistics. The company is capable of delivering thousands of products in a maximum of 24 hours . Even if we live in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​on the same day.

But we do not forget about your returns system. The company allows you to return any product without explanation, refunding the amount after a few days. Amazon returns the money to us in advance and gives us up to almost a month to return the product . It is something that we have not seen in any other online store.

We do not want to extend more about Amazon because there are many articles about this store that we have published. But we already tell you that few offer the service of this giant.


best online stores spain aliexpress

Another of the big online stores worldwide is the Chinese giant AliExpress. In this online store we can buy practically everything. We have everything from electronic devices to clothing, through jewelry, motor or even DIY.

The biggest problem with AliExpress is that almost all shipments are made from China . That is, they take several weeks to arrive and, if we are unlucky or have bought a lot, they could stop them at customs.

However, to avoid this situation with some products, the company launched its AliExpress Plaza service less than a year ago. It is a service that offers shipments from Spain and customer service in Spanish .

Although AliExpress Plaza does not have all the products of the main store in its catalog, it can be a good option to buy, for example, mobile phones.

At we have also talked at length about the Chinese giant. We have talked about the guarantees it offers and we have even compared it with other great ones.


best online stores spain ebay

The eternal eBay seems to be another of the users' favorite online stores. Although there are many who continue to see it only as an auction website, the truth is that we can buy many products directly .

The service has changed a lot and now it even offers a guarantee if we pay through PayPal . For example, it makes sure that we get our money back if the item we ordered does not arrive, is very different from its description, or has a problem. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use PayPal to pay on eBay.

And, as you know, on eBay you can find almost any product that we can imagine. Of course, we will have to look carefully if it is sold in the form of an auction or direct purchase. We must also pay special attention to the origin of the product , since eBay is an international store.

The direct store

best online stores spain the direct store

Another of the online stores with the highest traffic in our country is The Direct Store. It is a kind of online shopping center where we can find a wide variety of products. It is a Granada company that focuses on offering low prices on a wide variety of items. All this without neglecting customer service.

According to the company, they have created a computer system that allows them to  compare prices from hundreds of wholesalers and distributors to publish the cheapest . Among the types of products we find are beauty, home, sport, DIY, electronics and office.

Regarding the payment, the direct store accepts card, transfer and cash on delivery (the latter with expenses of 4%). As for the possible return of the items, we will have 14 calendar days and will be charged shipping costs . The usual in most online stores.

These four could say that they are the 4 large stores that we use in Spain to buy almost any product online. However, there are many others that are more specialized.


best online stores spain zara

As with its physical stores, Zara's online store is one of the most sold in our country. Their website is quite simple, without colors and giving all the prominence to the garments. Despite this simplicity, shopping in the store is quite intuitive .

We have loved the sizing system . We have to tell you the height, weight and how we like to wear the clothes (tight, our size or loose). Once the information is completed, it tells us what size most users bought and did not return. Really useful.

For the rest, we can pay with practically any system we can imagine . Even with some very new, like Apple Pay. Shipping takes place between 1 and 3 business days, depending on the availability of the garment. Of course, both the collection and the return can be done in a store.

The English Court

best online stores spain el corte inglés

El Corte Inglés came quite late to this e-commerce business. However, it is currently one of the most important online stores in our country. And it must be recognized that the website offers a very friendly design . It has cost a lot, since for many years it has been an almost impractical website, but it has improved.

On the other hand, we have all the advantages of buying at El Corte Inglés. Among them , its purchase card stands out , which greatly facilitates the financing of the products. We can also pay by bank card and PayPal.

As for returns, we will have between 15 and 60 days, depending on the type of product. These can be done at the centers or through shipping, except for products over 15 kg. The latter will be made through courier.


best online stores spain privalia

Some years ago a kind of boom in online discount stores was unleashed. They were a kind of private sales club where you had to sign up for the offers to come to you. These stores mainly sold expensive brand products at outlet prices. There were many pages that appeared. But only a few have survived. One of the most important is, without a doubt, Privalia.

Although it is a store closely related to fashion, we can find very varied products in it . From suitcases to furniture, even through technology (at specific times).

Products come out in campaigns divided by brands. The offers remain active for a few days and some are only visible if we are registered users.

As for the payment, it can be made by card, PayPal or the SeQura installment payment system. Shipments will be made from the date the campaign ends . That is, it is not an immediate shipment.



In this selection, a store like PcComponentes could not be missing. The Murcian company has become a benchmark in the online sale of technological products .

Although his specialty is computers, today we can find almost any electronic product in his stores. Its best asset is its prices , which are difficult to beat by other sellers.

Of course we have the most popular payment methods, a complete customer service system and 24-hour shipping .


best online stores spain mercadona

Yes, the Mercadona website is one of the favorites for online purchases by Spaniards. Despite the fact that its own president has recognized that Mercadona's website is a “shit”, it is one of the most used to buy food .

The website allows you to buy all (or almost all) the food that we find in supermarkets. In addition, it offers several time frames for the delivery of the order , both in the morning and in the afternoon.


best online stores spain carritus

Continuing with the purchase of food, another of the most used online stores is Carritus. This website is really a price comparison more than a supermarket.

Its operation is not complicated, although it will seem strange to us at first. We, as users, will be selecting the products that we want to buy. By selecting it, Carritus will show us the price in the eight supermarkets with which the web works . From there we can select the one with the cheapest product. This action will add that product to the cart of that supermarket.

That is, we will make the purchase in up to 8 supermarkets simultaneously . Once we have all the products we will validate the order. The order will reach all the supermarkets involved.

What is the bad part? That we will have to pay the shipping costs of all the supermarkets to which we have placed the order. Is it worth it then? Each user will have to assess it.


best online stores spain asos

Asos is a British company that has grown to become one of the largest online clothing stores in the world . The company works with many fashion brands. But, thanks to its success, it has even been able to create its own brand.

The online store is quite easy to use and well designed. They have clothing and footwear for both women and men. As for their payment system, they accept all types of cards and PayPal .

Regarding shipments, they have different types. Standard shipping takes about 4-5 working days and has a cost of 4 euros (free if we exceed 25 euros of purchase). If we are more impatient, we can choose to ship in 24 hours. It has a cost of 12 euros (free if we exceed 120 euros).


best online stores espana zalando

And continuing with fashion we have Zalando. This website has become one of the largest online stores in Europe. In it we will find clothes, shoes and accessories. However, one of its strengths is footwear. Zalando has a catalog of more than 20,000 shoes for women, men and children . And it is that this online store began dedicating almost exclusively to footwear.

Regarding forms of payment, the store allows us to pay by card, PayPal, cash on delivery and even by transfer. But the best thing is that both the shipping and the possible return are free .

And so far our selection. As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many more that are also quite successful. For example we can name Zacaris, an online shoe store. Or DealeXtreme, one of the best known online stores to buy gadgets and electronics. What is your favorite online store?