The funniest congratulations to say goodbye to New Year's Eve and welcome New Year

The funniest congratulations to say goodbye to New Year's Eve and receive the New Year

Tomorrow is the last night of the year and we will all send dozens of messages to congratulate the new year. Yes, we can send the typical Happy New Year !, but we can also be a little more original. Maybe we could use a meme or a GIF, but if you prefer a written greeting we can help you. We have compiled some fun congratulations to celebrate the new year . As we say, we have opted for funny and joking phrases. Thus we will receive the new year with good humor

The first message goes to the advanced ones. If you want to be the first always , with this New Year's greeting you will not fail:

I hope to be the first to congratulate you on the new year. HAPPY 2020!

If there is something that triumphs on these dates, it is the messages loaded with emotion and affection. And above all, super currados 😛

Before it is later and we are immersed in New Year's Eve dinner preparations, drinks, costumes and dancing, I wanted to dedicate a line to you with all my love and affection.



Ale, there you have it, I got excited and everything. A hug to everyone ... and ...


With the crisis we have at the moment, managing money is really important. However, we can also suggest to our acquaintances that they manage other factors in their life . And the new year will be long, so it is worth managing well:

Today I have deposited 365 days of GOOD LUCK, JOY and HAPPINESS in your bank account. Manage it that there is no more. Happy New Year!

And speaking of crisis, we would all like to win the lottery. Because, as they say, happiness is in those little things :

Happiness is made of little things: a small yacht, a small mansion, a small fortune ”¦ Happy New Year!

If you want to use an audio message that makes your contacts laugh, do two things. First copy and paste this text in WhatsApp

When you have time listen to it, it's short but it says a lot

Then record an audio where after a second of silence you just say the word “a lot”. And send it. Laughter is guaranteed.

On New Year's Eve we all spend a little time drinking. Therefore, it is very important not to take the car and use other means of transport . It is something very serious and that we must follow to the letter if we want to start the year well. However, there may be an alternative theory on this:

Very worrying DGT data, affirm that 23% of traffic accidents are caused by alcohol consumption. That means that the other 77% of accidents are caused by those who drink water, juices and soft drinks. To the parrot with abstainers Happy 2018!

And returning to the issue of the crisis and savings, here is a message that will help you to congratulate the new year even if you do not remember to do it every year :

Merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2018, 2019, 2020 ... if the crisis continues, this will be my last Christmas message. Save this message for the next few years.

The year 2017 has been a year of many demonstrations, some in favor of independence and others against. On December 31, one of the most massive demonstrations will take place at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid . You are all invited:

Tonight demonstration at Puerta del Sol. Take 12 grapes. Pass it on! Happy New Year!

One of the main protagonists of any celebration this Christmas will undoubtedly be the mobile. Surely many of you have a friend or relative who spends lunch or dinner with their mobile on the table and without paying attention to people . He is the typical friend who would send this New Year's greeting:

For the end of the year dinner, does the mobile go to the right or to the left of the plate? Happy New Year!

Here you have a perfect greeting for Ikea lovers , that is, almost everyone. We know that some Ikea furniture is very cheap, but we also know that they all come disassembled:

Happy prawns. May you eat 2017 things and may they bring you many parties and prosperous love the Magi. I wish a year of joy and peace for the new Kings. Sorry, it's a greeting from Ikea, assemble it yourself. Happy New Year!

And how could it be otherwise, politics will also be present in the Christmas and New Year's greetings . Here's a perfect greeting for those who talk the most about politics:

Pdro Snchez wishes you flz ds ml dcsiet, Pablo Iglesias says that congratulating the year on WhatsApp is chaste, Montoro wishes you happy 2018 that plus 21% VAT increases to happy 2441, the Infanta Cristina does not have to congratulate and I I wish you a happy new year!

Finally, here is a message for those who love themselves the most to congratulate the year . Or for anyone who wants to send a funny message to a friend or family member:

At this time I wanted to send you something funny, incredible, tender, sexy, sweet and very entertaining. But sorry, I did not enter the screen. HAPPY 2018!

Use an app

Are you not convinced by any of these phrases? Don't worry, here you have a video with the best applications to congratulate the new year . Happy new year 2018!

And you, what message are you going to send to congratulate the new year?