Alternatives to ExtraTorrent, the latest torrent search engine to close

Alternatives to ExtraTorrent, the latest torrent search engine to close

After the closure of Megaupload in 2012, the direct download format died as a pirated way of sharing files. The next system to prevail has been torrent files , through which very fast downloads can be achieved.

Since then, the fight against search engines for these types of files has been incessant, with some sites closed. The last to do so has been Extratorrent , one of the most used. This event leaves the system orphaned, but there are still other alternatives to continue downloading torrent files. We are going to select five search engines that are still active and working.

The pirate bay

The ultimate Torrents search place. Although it has suffered numerous blockages, it continues to function through a system of mirrors that redirect the signal. In practice, The Pirate Bay continues to be one of the torrent search engines with the highest number of shared users. This aspect is vital, because the more users share the file, the faster the download process will be.

the pirate bay

Torrentz 2

As you can imagine, Torrentz 2 is the continuation of Torrentz, the search engine. This second version maintains the essence of its predecessor, which is simplicity. In a search engine bar we will write the content we are looking for, and from there, Torrentz 2 will make a selection of the results with the most users in the different search engines . The Pirate Bay, Monova, Torrent Funk, and many more are found as sources for finding content.

Torrent project

An old-fashioned search engine, Torrent Project offers us content of all kinds: movies, music or programs. A fairly clean interface is appreciated , without pop-ups or various advertising banners . The only thing we find when entering the page is a space to write the title of the file we are looking for, and a search button.

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is another one of those pages that has lived a checkered existence. In 2016 it was closed, but during that same year it came back to life, and currently has quite a few visits. Its start menu allows us to access the most downloaded files , with a comment system to be aware of any problem or damage that may be found inside.

We also have a cloud of concepts, to be able to know the most searched topics, and finally, the space to search. The main searches are movies, series, books and music. Of course, the vast majority is in the original version . As with other search engines, you have to rely on subtitles.


The last one on our list may not be well known, but it is at the top of the most used in the world. Unlike other sites, RARB also includes a blog with current events related to the Torrent world. It also offers recent content recommendations and comments on current movies and series . All in English, of course.

In addition, it allows the possibility of logging in. In the Catalog section we find a search engine, specialized in movies and series , although it also allows searching for games and music. It is a very fast page, and it finds dozens of links in just one second.

RARB torrent

As we can see, the fight against torrent files is still going to last a long time , as many pages are renewed, duplicated or others simply appear. It seems that the best revulsive against this type of program is streaming, which is becoming more profitable and simple.

It is a reality that there are fewer and fewer downloads thanks to platforms such as Netflix, Spotify or HBO Go . We will see if that trend continues and it is not necessary to close more sites, because they stop visiting.