10 things you didn't know you can't sell on Wallapop

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Wallapop is one of the most popular second-hand platforms in Spain together with Milanuncios and Vibbo, the extinct second-hand.es. Its success is largely due to the catalog of products that the application has, products that can hardly be seen on other platforms. However, the terms and conditions of use of Wallapop establish a series of limits when it comes to selling certain items within the application , either by not complying with current legislation or by setting a series of parameters. Let's see some of them.

Perfumery and cosmetic items that have been unsealed

So is. The terms of Wallapop prohibit the express sale of any article related to perfumery or cosmetic products that have been previously unsealed. Although the application does not specify the reasons for the ban, this measure may be due, in part, to the cases of theft and robbery that many commercial surfaces have suffered in recent years .

Gift cards and discount coupons

10 things you didn't know you can't sell on Wallapop 1

Spotify, Netflix, iTunes, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, HBO ... Currently, many companies offer subscriptions and discounts on their respective services through gift cards and discount coupons ... Unfortunately, none of these articles have a place in the application .

This prohibition applies to all articles that can be transferable between individuals. The policy adopted by the company addresses the conditions imposed by the companies on this type of product, where, in general, the sale to third parties is limited once they have been acquired by an individual .

Engine parts for cars, motorcycles or any other vehicle

One of the most controversial limitations and that pages like Milanuncios or Vibbo do not apply in their terms of use. To this day, it is not possible to sell any motor vehicle accessories for cars and motorcycles other than properly registered and functional vehicles and certain functional parts (headlights, spoilers, wheels…). In the case of bicycles and tricycles, Wallapop limits the sale to original accessories and parts .

Electronic cigarettes

The sale of any item related to tobacco is totally prohibited not only in Wallapop, but also in other second-hand platforms. These include any product that is derived from e-cigarettes . Deposits, liquids and, in general, any part that comes from this type of instrument.

Sex or erotic toys


Forget buying a Satisfyer discounted at half price. Wallapop strictly prohibits the sale of any erotic or sex toy, whether or not it is unsealed .

The measure serves hygienic reasons. Also as protection against the use of the application by minors. After all, the application has not been classified by PEGI or any other regulatory body, but it can be used by any user with Internet access.

Tickets for concerts or shows

Currently the resale of tickets is prohibited throughout the Spanish territory, and this is what Wallapop makes known in its terms and conditions of use. "The sale of tickets for concerts or shows is prohibited (not with the structure" I sell a pen and a ticket as a gift "), the company states on its official website. Nor is the sale of transport passes, airline tickets or any non-transferable document allowed .

Animals and articles for hunting

Wallapop is blunt with the sale of animals on the platform. Not only does it prohibit the sale of live, stuffed or collectible animals, but it also limits the sale of all items intended for hunting - except for fishing - or whose form may imply a use intended for animal abuse , such as necklaces for spikes, punishment, barking, hanging ...

Equipment owned by the State and / or the Government

Uniforms, batons, police badges, boots, belts ... For legal reasons, Wallapop prohibits the sale of any item that belongs or has belonged to any of the State bodies . The sale of equipment from the rest of public bodies is also prohibited, whether or not they are related to the security forces. Firefighters, doctors, health and so on.

The company also specifies that no product received by direct government assistance may be marketed. Health, transport, relief products ...

Electronics items with pirated or cracked software

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"Computer for hackintosh", "Free formatting and installation of Windows 10", "Complete Adobe Suite" ... The sale of any item subject to using pirated software or any service that by its very nature violates Intellectual Property law is totally prohibited under the terms and conditions of use of Wallapop.

This category also includes modified tuners, console emulators, Raspberry and Arduino boards with software subject to piracy (Kodi, XBMC…), digital books with illegal content, hard drives with pirated software and a long etcetera.

Vitamins, proteins, sports supplements ...

Selling any food or drink through Wallapop is strictly prohibited. Not only that. Currently the company limits the sale of any type of sports supplementation, such as vitamins, proteins or any supplement intended to improve sports performance .

What if I decide to sell some of these products?

In one of the points that we can read in its use policy, the company itself has confirmed that it works together with the security forces to reduce the practice of illegal actions.

Failure to comply with some of the conditions imposed by Wallapop can be placed in the hands of the National Police, the Civil Guard or the Mossos d'Esquadra if required. Most likely, the application will remove the ad before it is even served.