How to make a design cover with Word 2007


Company presentations, school papers, university reviews… The uses we give to Microsoft Word are many and varied , so it is important to know some of the tricks that the Microsoft Office 2007 package offers us . This time we wanted to pay attention to the covers or covers of our works , since in the 2007 version of this program we have the opportunity to easily create beautiful, elegant and curious pages . Here we explain how in a few steps .


1) Access Microsoft Word and click on the "Insert" tab , located at the top of the program.

2) You will see that the first option reads " Cover ". If you click on this button , a generous gallery of covers with different designs will open, which is more interesting.


3) Select the one that you like the most or that suits your needs . The first page will be modified with the desired appearance and you will only have to click on each marked space to enter the text you want.


If you want to delete a cover, follow the same steps and click on the option "Remove current cover" to add another or leave the page blank . The covers functionality will allow you to give the document a more professional, fun or modern look , depending on the type of work you are going to write. In this way, you will find designs with background letters, conceptual photographs, with bubbles, boxes or completely schematic pages to reinforce the look of a functional document.