How to know the waiting time for a bus in Madrid

How to know the waiting time for a bus in Madrid

The saying goes that time is money. And you never appreciate it as much as when you live in a big city like Madrid. Moving around the city can be a big waste of time , if you don't know how to organize yourself. But you already know that information is power.

For quite some time, users of public transport have the opportunity to find out how long it can take to get to the bus, the subway or the tram. This is information that transport companies and municipalities provide us, but also Google itself, through its tools on Google Maps.

Are you one of those who travel by bus often? Well, in that case, you are interested in using the Navigate Madrid website, from which you can carry out all the necessary checks on the bus lines that move around the capital. Although if you are going to make inquiries from your mobile (the most normal if you are on the street), it will be better if you download the application. 

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Know the waiting time for a bus in Madrid

If you want to know the waiting time for a bus in Madrid, you can do it through the application. But also from the web. In this way, if you are about to leave your home or office and you have your computer connected, you can access the Navega por Madrid website.

Once inside, you can search for the place you want to leave from. You can use location services, as long as you have given the page permission to access them. Or you can also move on the map with the mouse, to find the place you are looking for. Or type the address that interests you in the search box.

When you find the stop that interests you, click on the bus icon. A tab will open showing all the instructions you need. These are:

  • The bus code . It has four digits and it will help you to do any tracking.
  • The address of the stop . You will see the exact address and some additional information, to help you find it better on the street.
  • Information on incidents . From here you can also check if there is any incident in the area. Such as works, breakdowns or even demonstrations. In this way you can better calculate if you should take that line or if it is necessary to choose another. Or even by an alternative public or private means of transport.
  • Waiting times . Here is the most important information. The one that tells you how long you have to wait for the next bus to arrive. You will find this data indicated in minutes. And in this way you can better organize your day-to-day in the city of Madrid.

If you prefer to use the EMT application

If you prefer to use the EMT application ...

Logically, when you move around the city, the most practical thing is to use the EMT app from your mobile . You can download it for both iOS and Android. So if you didn't have it installed on your device, just go to any of these stores and download it for free.

Once inside the application, you can search for the bus stop or line that interests you. And activate location services so that the system locates you on the map .

You will see information about the minutes you have to wait for each of the lines. And mark the ones that interest you the most as favorites . Within the menu, you will have access to a section called My stops. All you have to do is mark them as a star.

Then you can access the map of stops and a list of lines. If you are not sure which line to take, you can choose the Take me option to check the best way to move around the city. The Notify Me service will be very useful to receive alerts as soon as the bus is close. A very interesting option for the clueless.

Within the news section you will have the opportunity to see if there is any type of incident. And subscribe to the alerts , to always stay informed.