Can I use Netflix Spain outside the country if I have an account?


One of the big questions about Netflix. Can I use Netflix outside of Spain? Will the catalog of series and movies change if I move to another country? How can I watch series from Spain if I live in the United States or any other country? All these assumptions are contemplated by the US company in their respective legal bases, however, the answers to these questions depend largely on whether we travel outside of Spain for a certain period (for holidays or limited stay) or if, on the contrary, we change our place of residence outside the country. A couple of weeks ago we showed some of the main Netflix releases in 2019. This time we will see all the possible cases to watch Netflix Spain outside the country .

Can I watch Netflix outside of Spain?

The short answer is that yes, we can use Netflix Spain with total normality whether we are in China, the United States or anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. However, Netflix does mention several aspects of our account that will change with the change of country during a certain period.

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These changes refer to aspects such as age rating, series and movies saved in My List and content downloaded to the phone or tablet to play it offline. All of these can be affected and restored, which is why we will have to add the content manually again, as well as take a look at the restriction of titles by age. But perhaps the most noticeable change is that the language of all the content will become the language of the destination country along with English  and the languages ​​that Netflix has available in the country by purchasing rights. That is, no Spanish, unless the series or film is in Original Version.

It should be added that sometimes we will not be able to see the content downloaded offline even if we download them again in the destination country due to the copyright of the series in question in the territory.

Will the series catalog change if I am in another country with a Netflix Spain account?

This is one of the most recurring doubts. Will we be able to see the same series and movies outside of Spain as within the country? It depends.

Netflix mentions that if our stay in the country is limited, the content will be the same as that of Netflix Spain . In the event that the stay is extended to an indeterminate period (Netflix does not mention any minimum period), the company ensures that the content to be shown will be that of the destination country, at least in the European Union (outside of Europe not a clear way to proceed is specified). This change will be notified through the application and email, and it is totally reversible.

This means that if we stay for several months in Germany, the content that will be shown to us after X days in the country will be that of Germany . Of course in German and English.

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We can change the payment method in the Account menu, in Update payment information.

It should be added that billing will continue to be generated to our address in Spain if we do not modify the payment information. In the event that we want to change the payment method to enter a PayPal account or credit card from the country where we currently reside, the payment will continue to be generated with the currency of Spain, that is, the euro. If we want to bill with dollars or another currency, we will have to close the account and open a new one with data from the country in question.

How can I watch series from the United States (or another country) outside of Spain or vice versa?

We are outside of Spain, the "courtesy" time has expired and we can only see content from the United States, China or the country where we are. How can we see series from Spain living in the United States or vice versa? Unless we travel physically to Spain or to the country from which we want to enjoy the content, the only way to proceed is to use a VPN .

Can I use Netflix Spain outside the country if I have an account?  one

In short, it is a "virtual tunnel" that simulates connections within the country we choose to enjoy content blocked outside of it, be it series, movies or web pages. The problem is that Netflix blocks these types of tunnels by default . This is the reason why we must use VPN compatible with Netflix. The number of VPNs varies as the service is blocking them more or less constantly. We leave you below with a list of VPN compatible with the web as of today (January 21, 2019).

Compatible VPNs with Netflix 2019

  • ExpressVPN
  • VPNHub
  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • VyprVPN