How to download and install Java on Windows 10

How to download and install Java in Windows 10 1

Java has been one of the most widely used programming languages ​​for years. This is because it is a very advanced language, which allows all kinds of programs, and it is also multiplatform. The greatest virtue of Java is that you can write a program only once and make it available on all platforms in a very simple way. We explain how to download and install Java on Windows 10 .

What is Java and why is it so important

Java is a general-purpose programming language , which means it can be used for a lot of projects, from video games to Android applications. It is also an object- oriented language , which means that it has the least possible implementation dependencies. Finally, it is a concurrent language , this means that it is able to take advantage of all the cores of modern processors to offer better performance.

Minecraft java

Minecraft is an example of a game written in Java

It is a semi compiled and semi interpreted language. What does it mean? In a simple way, that once the program is written, a translation must be made to a code that the computer can understand, but this code is not the end either, but must be interpreted by the operating system before operating. This is what is known as "write once, run anywhere"

This characteristic means that programs written in Java can be ported to all operating systems in a very simple way , since you only have to make one compilation for each one of them, a process that is automatic within the development environment used. After that, the operating system will be responsible for interpreting the code that corresponds to it.

At the same time, Java's semi-compiled and semi-interpreted character makes it less efficient with the use of PC resources . Today's computers are very powerful so this inconvenience has been minimized, but you have to be careful when programming in Java and follow good practices to create the most efficient programs possible.

How to install Java on Windows 10

After having seen what Java is, we proceed to its installation. In order to use the programs written in Java on our PC, we first need to install the Java SDK . This is the tool that includes the interpreter, which is responsible for interpreting the programs when we are going to run them on our PC.

Let's say it's a little program that translates the previously compiled code into the final code that will run on the PC. It's a simple explanation, but the point of this post is not to get into technicalities.

The first step is to go to the official Java website. Once inside, we click on the download button to download the Java SDK installer on our PC. The download will only take a few seconds.

How to download and install Java on Windows 10

Once it has been downloaded, we run the installer to install the latest version of the Java SDK on our PC . A window will open that will give us the option to customize the installation path of the Java SDK files, we can leave it by default to simplify the process. We click on "Install" and the process will begin.

How to download and install Java in Windows 10 2

A progress window will appear, the bar will fill up as the installer downloads the necessary files and saves them on our PC.

How to download and install Java in Windows 10 3

The process will only take a minute or even a few seconds.

How to download and install Java in Windows 10 4

Finally the Java installation is complete. From now on you will be able to run all the programs written in Java that you want on your PC.