How to choose a good cordless phone for home

How to choose a good cordless phone for home

More and more telephone users choose to use their mobile phone at all times. Every time we call less and we connect more by messaging. But the truth is that the landline, on many occasions, has to be hired on a mandatory basis. Especially if we also want to have an Internet connection at home. Either through fiber or with the old ADSL.

Some operators, such as Movistar, force users to pay a rental fee for home phones. However, if you want to get rid of this expense, you can return the phone and buy a wireless that solves the problem of calls at home .

In this way, you can continue making calls from the landline . Most plans offer unlimited minutes to landlines and limited to mobiles. In this way, you can take advantage of this quota of minutes if your mobile phone runs out. And don't waste money.

If you are thinking of purchasing a cordless home phone, we recommend taking a look at these tips. In this way, you will get the most successful model and adjusted to your needs.

philips wireless duo

Study the number of terminals you need

One? Two? Or three? Everything will depend on the number of rooms in which you need a phone. If you have a very large house, you will probably need two. Or even three. In fact, if your home is spread over two or more floors, it would be interesting if you had one terminal per floor.

In this way, you can always pick up the phone on time . Keep in mind that some wireless devices can support up to five terminals. You may find them in the same package, usually with two devices. But most likely, if you need more, you will have to purchase them separately.

These from Panasonic cost [amazon_link asins = 'B0055ZQ07M' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 38bd3801-037d-11e8-b8be-ad2d0138e8d4 ′]. You also have this Philips D2302WP duo  by [amazon_link asins = 'B015HG6J2Y' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 4de91c5e-0380-11e8-8a2f-87dfd8b0bdaa '].

When buying a cordless phone, make sure it works with a standard called GAP . This is the one that guarantees compatibility with other devices, even if they are from another brand.

Check the signal frequency

Check the signal frequency

Another issue that you must take into account is the frequency of the signal. The quality of the voice transfer , the range and the security system depend on it. The signal, in the case of these devices, is directly picked up by the telephone line and is then retransmitted by radio frequency.

If you buy a very cheap cordless phone, it may have a frequency of 900 Mhz. In this case, the range is quite small. And if you have a large house, you may run out of signal right away. Luckily, in principle you should no longer find this type of terminal for sale.

What you will normally see will be cordless phones that operate at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz . However, if you have routers and other appliances nearby, you may experience interference. If you want to acquire a truly advanced device, it is best to look for one that uses 5.8 Ghz. It is evident that the interferences, in this case, will be less frequent. The autonomy will be 300 euros, so it is ideal for larger houses or with a garden. These cordless are usually more expensive, but they are also better.

If you are interested in eliminating transfers completely and do not mind spending, you can opt for a wireless that works with the DECT 6.0 standard . It is the newest and works through the 1.9 Ghz frequency. This information must be on the device box, so you can easily check it in the table of characteristics of the device. You have this Motorola DECT IT6.1 by [amazon_link asins = 'B00XW20XC8 ′ template =' PriceLink 'store =' tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace = 'ES' link_id = '1dcd5b10-037e-11e8-94ba-5dbde6429b51 ′]. 

Gigaset SIE31S850

What connectivity options do you have?

Cordless phones are not what they used to be. Many of those that are sold today are already practically like mobile phones. So they include different connectivity options . For example, imagine that a landline cannot reach a house. Most phones are connected to it, but if not, there are phones that have GSM / 3G / 4G connectivity. In this case, just insert a SIM card. You would call with a cordless, but from a mobile line.

What if you could connect to the internet? Well, very easy, you should know that there are wireless phones with WiFi. In addition to allowing users to make phone calls, the device can connect to the Internet through a WiFi network . What is this for? Well, to receive e-mails on the phone or access the mobile phone book. In the end, it is as if you have a smartphone.

There is also another variant of cordless phones that are compatible with Bluetooth technology . They will come in handy if you need to connect your device to another mobile phone to, for example, download your contact book. Also, if you need it, you can sync it with other accessories. Like for example headphones. This one from Gigaset is a good option. You have it for sale by [amazon_link asins = 'B010ILSDWC' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' fab0710d-037e-11e8-bbe6-c96065688b29 ′].

If it's for an older person ...

If it is for an older person ...

Who is the wireless you want to buy for? If you are going to buy it for a family of young people, you can probably opt for any option. But if you are going to buy a terminal for an elderly person, you will have to get an adapted one.

In Amazon you will find a specific section of wireless for the elderly . You have equipment like the Doro Phone Easy 100W by [amazon_link asins = 'B0043DUG8G' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' c3770241-037a-11e8-bc15-873eb45d4b8d '], the SPC Telecom TEL317608 [amazon_link asins = 'B007PS3HOG' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' d5a258a8-037a-11e8-b4f2-f52f60205d62 ′] or the Topcom TS-5611 aslinkins by [amazon_ aslinkins = 'B0041857VY' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' 0845e829-037b-11e8-80fd-571dfd9f895f ']. 

You will see that the three terminals have large keys , direct memories and super loud ringing so that the elderly, or those with deafness, can hear calls perfectly. Some even incorporate pictures to make it easier for grandparents or grandmothers to identify their loved ones.

The extras offer many possibilities

The extras offer many possibilities

As we indicated, any cordless phone you buy today - no matter how sophisticated it may be - will have many more options than before. Whether you want an affordable device or with more features, we recommend that you take a look at the extras it includes before buying.

Some have super large screens . So much so that they even look like a smartphone. In this case, the device most likely also has advanced connectivity options. You can also make video calls and enjoy them in full color. This [amazon_link asins = 'B00HG64M5U' template = 'PriceLink' store = 'tuexpertocom-21 ′ marketplace =' ES 'link_id =' adc1f786-037f-11e8-a0a0-db9f2f615e8f '].

Take a good look at the memory of the computer . If you receive a lot of calls, you probably need a good capacity to store all your contacts. You will also need it to save messages, both text and voice.

Like mobile devices, some wireless devices are also hands-free . This will come in handy for making calls without using your hands. So you can do other things while talking on the phone.

Finally, you should also check if the system allows transferring calls from one team to another , which will be great if you have two telephones at home and need to transfer the call to another member of the family. If your phone is advanced enough, you may also be able to blacklist with business or overly pushy phones.